Handbalsters revancheren is located at Angola for a false start at the world cup

The Dutch handbalsters have Monday gerevancheerd for a false start at the world cup. The team of head coach Leo Mayonnade in the second groepsduel in Japan, and without the great play of Angola: 35-28.

Lois Abbingh was made up with eleven matches to be responsible for a large part of the doelpuntenproductie of Orange. Estavana Polman, Laura van der Heijden (responsible, respectively, for the six-and five goals in a match in the Aqua Dome Kumamoto.

The netherlands started the world cup on Saturday with an embarrassing loss. Slovenia, with less than six goals difference is too high (26-32) for the crew of the Frenchman, who Mayonnade, which is currently engaged in its first major tournament as head coach of the Orange.

Kelly, He went into the match a slight knee injury and was not fit enough for the second groepsduel. It is still possible to them on Tuesday against Cuba at the side. Jennifer Smith has played against Japan for its one hundredth international game.

All the other countries in group A are Norway and Denmark. The top three teams qualify for the hoofdronde, in which they have to compete against the best of the three countries from group B. The two nations with the most victory points at the hoofdronde to go on to the semi-finals.

The netherlands hopes to be just like the last two world CHAMPIONSHIPS, the podium at the end (silver in 2015, and a bronze medal in 2017). The world champion puts himself directly in front of the winter Olympics next year in Tokyo, while the numbers two and seven, to be sure of participating in the olympic qualifying tournament.

Position in group A

  • 1. Serbia is 2 to 4 (78-52)
  • 2. Norway 1-2 (47-16)
  • 3. Slovenia 1-2 (32-26)
  • 4. The netherlands result 2-2 (61-60)
  • 5. Angola 2-0 (53-67)
  • 6. Cuba is 2-0 (43-93)

Physically, Angola makes, and the Orange is difficult to

The players are from the Netherlands, watched it for the second groepsduel to the strength of the Angola, and that it was not bad. The champions of Africa, especially from participating in the Games, it made a lot of violations, and in the first few minutes, two players and a penalty to get it.

The orange, which by the offences in the first half, with four times as if to build a strafworp, would not let himself be fooled, and came up with a 6-3 lead eventually. That margin remained intact, though it went to the Netherlands at the end of the first half of it is still the way to a lead of 17-12.

In spite of the difference in quality failure to the Netherlands, after a rest, and walk away with it in south africa. The Africans were also due to the development of Azanaide, Carlos, and the lack of coverage in the Orange and back up to 24-27, but really, it was no longer in Kumamoto.

Thanks Polman, jubilaris Smith scored the Orange’s four times in a row, and a few minutes later it was in the margin to eight. The netherlands failed in the final stage, to the visible annoyance of the coach, Mayonnade on goal difference, and won, and recovered the fake world cup starts.

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