Handbalsters do not feel like favourites for the world cup final against Spain

The Dutch handbalsters be able to Sunday, history of writing, for the first time in the history of the race to win. Even though the team of head coach Leo Mayonnade on paper have the best chance of winning, is Lois Abbingh is not that Orange, in Japan, the all-time favourite was against Spain.

The netherlands ended up in the last two world CHAMPIONSHIPS on the podium (silver in the year 2015, and a bronze medal in 2017 and set at the last two European championships and silver in 2016, and a bronze medal in 2018) medals at their home race is safe. Spain, on the other hand ended up any of these years on the stage, and so it was, and anyway, in four of the last five meetings in the Netherlands.

“On the basis of the last few years, we may be favourites against Spain, but it is in the team, we feel that it is not so,” said the 27-year-old Abbingh, from Japan, against NUsport. “Our coach, Manu, and Manu also pointed out already: it is not by chance, in a world cup final. And that goes for Spain as well as for us.”

The two countries have made it to the final battle in Japan due to the stunt. The netherlands beat out the work are deemed to Russia in a thrilling halvefinaleduel (33-32), and Spain knew the runner up at the worlds in Norway is surprisingly easy to set aside (28-22).

“California has a lot of great games so far”, warned Abbingh. “It’s clear that everyone is committed to this race and to win it, but we should not be too much of a risk to take. Spain has a very offensive cover, and were intercepted a lot of balls. They must not be in the race to help out by making mistakes. The opportunities are very much on the counter-attack.”

The handbalsters they were blissfully happy after they reached the world cup final. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Are against Russia’s underdog has been

All you have to do: the Netherlands, lost to this world cup, the countries that are on the paper in the same or less and perform just very strong against teams that are higher ranked will be (Russia and Norway). Goalie Tess Wester think, nevertheless, that the underdogrol Orange is a better fit than that of my favorite.

“If I’m honest, the world cup against Russia, been the underdog. I am very glad to know that the team has a lot of confidence in each other, and we don’t make much of a difference to what others think about this,” says the 26-year-old Western, with a number of fine saves worth its weight in gold it was for the Dutch team against Italy.

The goalkeeper stressed that the Netherlands is in top form for Spain to be world champion, to be able to be used. “We have to make up to 120 percent of a stand. Especially in this tournament, with all of the surprising results, we know that we have to perform in order for a game to be eligible to win. Hopefully, we will see after the finals, can look back on a fantastic tournament.”

The netherlands, Spain begins at 12: 30 at Park Dome Kumamoto. The world champion puts himself directly in front of the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo, japan, the runners-up should be an olympic qualifying tournament to play. In the consolation class is at 9: 30 am hours and go from Norway to Russia.

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