Handbalster Abbingh: ‘Dent in self-esteem suffered against Slovenia

Lois Abbingh will notice that it’s a painful defeat on Saturday, against Slovenia (26-32), at the world cup is still nadreunt in the Netherlands handbalsters. A separate scorer is hoping that the Dutch self-confidence into the next matches with Angola on Monday) and Cuba (Wednesday) is again on the increase.

“We have quite a bit has been added, but the disappointment is still there”, says Abbingh Sunday, from Japan, in the interview with NUsport. “Because we knew that the match with Slovenia, is very important. We’ve just been trained on, and that was fine, but we want to do it as quickly as possible and take action.”

The netherlands will be on Monday against a physically strong and Angola is a bit better for the day than on Saturday against Slovenia. The team of head coach Leo Mayonnade was completely destroyed by the succesformatie the last few years, and have lost a surprising six-goal difference.

“In fact, it all went wrong. It was a collective, are simply not good enough,” says the 27-year-old Abbingh, with five hits, shared, top-scored against Australia. “In a defensive and attacking sense, it was not like we were used to before the day is out. Also, it is not the fault of one person or a couple of players, no one else was good at the game.”

In the game against Slovenia was in advance, and the ones labeled with as with a sleutelduel, and, therefore, was to defeat all the harder to meet. “We have trained hard, are used in Japan, and they were ready to go. The atmosphere in the team is very good, but it is confident it has a hit product.”

Head coach, Emmanuel Mayonnade had a disappointing start to his first major tournament, the Orange. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

‘Team of Angola, is a fight’

In order to have the good sense to get back to the titelaspiraties to continue to live to the Netherlands for the next groepsduels the weaker teams of Angola and of Cuba, in any case, a win. The Angolans lost their first match of Serbia (32-25) and in Cuba, and was humbled by the runner up at the worlds in Norway (47-16).

Although Angola-on paper, a lesser team, the African-formation, because it is a physical game and a tough opponent. “If you know who all of them have taken to the world cup, it is a real struggle. Where we have to watch? For the health of the players,” said Abbingh.

“Physically, it is strong, so we need to be Angola, which is on speed to try to beat it. That is, it is in our power, even though it was against Slovenia, and a little bit chaotic, because the coverage does not look good. This is where we need to pay attention to. We would like to revancheren, so let the competition come.”

Most of the Netherlands, Angola, and Cuba are to start on Monday at 07: 00 local time. The top three countries in the group qualify for the hoofdronde. In the last two world championships, ended up in Orange on the podium (silver in the year 2015, and a bronze medal in 2017).

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