Hamon wins surprisingly leiderschapsverkiezing French Socialists

Hamon wins surprisingly leiderschapsverkiezing French Socialists

Photo: AFP

French ex-minister of Education Benoît Hamon has Sunday the French primaries for the Socialist y won. He was the challenger of former prime minister Manuel Valls, who was second.

That reports news agency AFP. Previously won Hamon even though the first round.

Hamon was not considered a serious contender when he made his campaign began in december, but the 49-year-old former minister of Education got the wind in our sails by his message of “hope and renewal”.

Former minister of Economy, Arnaud Montebourg, who was eliminated in the first round, decided behind Hamon’s decision.

Hamon wins the primaries

Benoit Hamon on behalf of the French socialists will fight for the minister-presidency.

He won in the second round of the primaries of the socialist party, surprisingly, by Manuel Valls.

Benoit Hamon during the vote in Trappes.

Hamon is to talk to the press after casting his vote.

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Left wing

The socialist Francois Hollande is currently the president. Hamon has several negative things about the economic policies of Hollande.

The battle between Hamon and Valls can be seen as a battle for the soul of the party; with Hamon on behalf of the left wing of the party and Valls from the counter-camp.

The first round of the French presidential election takes place on april 23, 2017. Polls suggest for now that it comes down to a battle between the Republican François Fillon, Marine le Pen of the National Front, and Emmanuel Macron, the former minister of Economic Affairs.

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