Halsema is due to sexism hindered her in her work as mayor of the city

In an interview with the Dutch daily het Parool says Femke Halsema is that they can sometimes due to sexism that is interfering with her job as mayor of the city of Amsterdam, the netherlands.

She said that it was relatively harmless, and it’s never done with the intention to humiliate me, but it does happen. As it is, sometimes it’s a group of drivers have suggested that, as in: “this is a mayor of A, that is, it is the mayor of B, and this is Her.”

The former leader of the y said that it would be well to make her acquaintance.

During the sinterklaasintocht of this year, – said santa Claus in front of the microphone at Halsema: “For us, you just have the Old stuff!” After saying Halsema him a little bit of money, or he’s done this before, it would have the former mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, and Eberhard van der Laan. “He was terrified of an accident, because the man was oblivious,” says Halsema.

“A lot of women in Amsterdam and feel the non-free’

Halsema says to really work with them, because they will be the first female mayor of the city of the responsibility it feels toward the women: “I know that there are a lot of women that so many suffer from harassment, that they are, therefore, non-free feel. I want to take advantage of the position I am now, I have to do something you can do about it.”

Halsema (53) it has been since July of 2018 and the mayor of Amsterdam, the netherlands. From 2002 to 2010, she was the leader and the political leader of the y.

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