Half phone booths disappear from British streets

Half phone booths disappear from British streets

Photo: AFP

A large part of the famous red phone booths will soon be on the streets of the United Kingdom disappear. Telecommunications company BT, the owner of the pay telephones, is planning for the next five years, about twenty thousand of the total of forty thousand cabins.

Although the British phone booths together still, about 33,000 calls per day to process, more than a third of the cells monthly, one time only or not at all used to a call to commit. In addition, more than half of the telefoonhokjes loss-making, reported owner BT across the BBC.

The decision of BT is motivated by the fact that maintenance on the cabins too expensive and too difficult. Per year is the company here for six million pounds (converted seven million euros) to lose. Also, the relevance of the pay phone in the last few years greatly declined due to the rise of mobile phones. The use of the payphone is the last ten years by as much as 90 percent, according to the telecommunications company.

BT has let know that in places where within a distance of four hundred feet, no fixed telephone for hands, the cabins anyway.


A lot of telephone booths in the United Kingdom have the famous red appearance. Throughout the country there are still seven thousand iconic copies, of which two thousand are regarded as cultural heritage. The red telephone box in 1935 was designed on the occasion of the silver jubilee of king George V of England.

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