‘Half of the consumers are not aware of the internet, on a smart fridge.’

About half of consumers (52 per cent) are not aware of the fact that the so-called smart refrigerator, or a washing machine can be connected to the internet. The same is true for nearly four in ten consumers (38 per cent), and if it is going to be a smart city, turns out, on Monday, a survey conducted by market research agency Kantar, among more than a thousand people in the netherlands.

The survey was commissioned by the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and the Environment.

The connected refrigerator, a washing machine and a door bell to score, thus the lowest when it comes to awareness of home automation. The three devices are to be monitored by a baby monitor (75%) smart toys (77%) and solar (86%).

Kantar to conclude that the Dutch consumers are in a lot of devices, there are, however, aware of the fact that it is connected to the internet, can be used. About nine out of ten people know that as a smart thermostat or meter (88%), smart light (90%), a tv, a printer, and a speaker phone with a digital assistant (94%), and closed-circuit television cameras, smart door locks (96 per cent) are connected to the internet, can be used.

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One-fifth don’t know how to get the smart devices must be protected

The devices that are connected to the internet can be, and are, therefore, vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Consumers will be able to take steps to keep their devices secure. This may, for example, by default, to change it.

The survey from Kantar shows that one in five consumers are not at all or don’t know how to get the smart devices need to be protected.

Almost half of the respondents to the survey does, however, have to know how to connected to the internet need to be protected. Seven out of ten respondents say to know how to make a security camera or a smart lock can secure it. A quarter of a have the knowledge on how to secure a smart thermostat or meter. The group, who knows how to make a digital door bell, washer, or refrigerator needs to be secure, it is relatively easy to clean (19 per cent).


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