Half of American pet owners have never been out of the country, because possession of their pet, study finds

Half of America’s pet owners (49 percent) have NEVER traveled outside of the country, since the possession of their pet, on the basis of new data.


Half of America’s pet owners (49 percent) have never traveled outside of the country, since the possession of their pet, on the basis of new data.

The study of 2,000 pet owners examined the lifestyle consequences and responsibilities that come with owning an animal, and found that it is sometimes not always only the animals that are kept on a line.

While half of the owners feel their international travel is stopped, but around 33 percent will not change their travel plans because of their beloved pets, and prefer to only travel within the country.


The main reason pet owners struggle to travel is often the fault is linked when traveling without their pet, 68 percent felt especially guilty when they leave their pets behind.

Especially when the animal so desperately wants.


The research, for TrustedHousesitters, which was carried out by OnePoll and confirmed that, for animal lovers, their pet is truly part of the family. In fact, 84 percent admitted to watching their beloved pet on equal terms as a member of the family.

This is especially true for young people who choose pets instead of children, while 46 percent of older millennials admit to treating their pet as their own child. And 82 percent of pet owners feel supreme happiness when they are able to spend time with their pets, while a whopping 87 percent of pet owners worry about their pet when they travel.

“It is a sad fact for pet owners that holiday planning can be such a hassle. Almost a quarter of us respondents (23 percent) only take a vacation once every few years, some even less often than that,” said Tim Lyons, TrustedHousesitters’ managing director. “Pet-sitting does rely on finding a babysitter that you can trust, but there is no need to miss out on cultural and travel experiences, just because you’re a pet owner.”


When searching for a pet care alternative that asked, 47 percent said that they usually take their beloved animals to a friend or relatives’ house to care for them while they are away. However, many pet owners are also aware not to disturb their pets’ routine.

In a further study of the veterinary experts conducted by TrustedHousesitters, 100 percent believed that the animals responded better to a new caretaker in place of a new environment, the animals are especially tied to their house.

Three in 10 respondents care for a pet sitter to stay in their home while they are away so their pets can remain happy in their own environment, looked after by a caring sitter that cares for pets in their familiar routine.

And these good guys do NOT want to interrupt their routine.



For pet owners, their animals play a particularly influential and dependent role in their daily life, in addition to travel and leisure.

Pet owners experience less social events than those who do not own a pet. In fact, the average pet owner misses out on 30 social events per year. That averages 300 missed social events as their pet live to be 10 years old. That is why it is absolutely no surprise that pet owners their pet as an excuse to flake out on social gatherings once a month or 12 times per year. In fact, the study found that almost one in five pet owners will be attending a social gathering only to leave early, so they can get back to their pet.

And while spending time with their pets affect their social life, a further 15 percent of the owners of the pet will go so far as to plan their social calendar around their pet scheme.

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