Half-koalapopulatie in an Australian nature reserve destroyed by the fires

More than half of the koalapopulatie a kustreservaat in the Australian province of New South Wales, has been destroyed as a result of the severe forest fire, report it to local experts this Friday, on the basis of an estimate.

The total population of the Lakes Innes Nature Reserve consisting of approximately 500 to more than 600 animal programs, of which there are now about 350 have been killed as a result of a severe natural fires. Nurses have a rescued animal’s be kept in a hospital for koalas. The wounds of the animals treated, and the animals are bottle-fed, and gum leaves.

The animals in the reserve are still being threatened by large natural fires in New South Wales. The caretakers of the nature reserve, expect to have at least two days will need to have to take the full damage of the population in the future.

It is, all is not well with Australian koalas. The animals are seeing their habitats shrink due to deforestation and climate change. Due to the rising temperature decreases the nutritional value of the gum leaves, for the plant, and only eat small mammals. Also, a large share of the Australian koalapopulaties ravaged by chlamydia infections, thus, wrote the researchers in april in the scientific journal Nature.

An expert has told Reuters news agency that the total koalapopulatie all. If the decline continues, the species in the middle of the century on the verge of extinction.

Thousands of Australians were evacuated due to the fires

Thousands of the inhabitants of the several places in the provinces of New South Wales and Queensland, were on Friday to leave their homes due to the fierce forest fires.

In New South Wales, camps, emergency services, and seventeen great fires, and fifty of the smaller fires. Some of the people would be trapped in their homes. Park place, eighteen large-scale fires. The fires are worse due to gusts of wind.

Each year will get to Australia to deal with the fires, but this year’s been remarkable to deal with. In October, an elderly couple in New South Wales, and for the life of the fire.


A huge forest fire going on near by residential area, Australia


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