‘Half-brother Kim Jong-un killed with chemical weapons’

‘Half-brother Kim Jong-un killed with chemical weapons’

The Malaysian police says that a preliminary report shows that Kim Jong-nam to the life is established with VX nerve gas.

According to the police was the highly toxic agent found in samples that were taken from the face and the eye of the murdered North Korean. VX nerve gas by the United Nations labeled as a weapon of mass destruction and is odor – and tasteless.

Kim Jong-nam is the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. He was on 14 February killed at the airport of Kuala Lumpur.

Assassination of Kim Jong-nam may be captured on this camera


There were by the Malaysian police, multiple arrests made after the murder. Also a high diplomat from the North Korean embassy is a suspect. He was called for a hearing.

The North Korean embassy in Malaysia said that the arrested suspects “immediately released”. According to the embassy, a Vietnamese woman, an Indonesian woman and a North Korean man “unreasonably detained”.

Employee of embassy of North Korea suspect in murder case Kim Jong-nam


Kim Jong-nam was the oldest son of the former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. He came in discredit as the successor of the North Korean dictator after he in 2001, tried to start with a false passport to Japan to travel.

There he would have wanted to bring to Disneyland. In 2010, said Kim Jong-nam in an interview that he was an opponent of the North Korean succession.

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