Half a million Catalans put the public life in Barcelona flat

Half a million Catalans on Friday in Barcelona, once again, the streets were merged to make a protest against the long prison sentences for nine of the local politicians of the world, writes the news agency AFP. A lot of people from the north-east region in the last few days in a smaller protest marches to the class in order to take part in a general strike.

The captured politicians for their involvement in the controversial onafhankelijkheidsreferendum two years ago, found guilty of sedition. Since the court held them to thirteen years in prison, sentenced to be every day, protests are held. Some of them are quite out of hand.

In several places at the Friday protest marches to walk. A large group of peace activists walked in with Catalan flags on the motorways in the direction of Barcelona, the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. The banners are texts such as “Independence” and “free and now the Catalan of the prisoners”.

It has been more pressure in previous protests this week. This is due to the fact the two unions, who are for the independence of Catalonia, but their members have been called upon to protest against the sentencing.

The protests went during the day in a peaceful and without major incidents. At the beginning of the night, there were masked people in the city centre of Barcelona, with the riot police. The protesters threw rocks and beer cans. Also, they put trash cans on fire.


A Pro-Catalan protesters clash with police in Barcelona

A lot of people take part in a general strike

Due to the general strike in belgium is Friday, but there’s limited public transport in the region of Catalonia. Also, 57 of the flights to and from El Prat airport, Barcelona-el prat airport, will be cancelled. The world-famous Sagrada Familia of architect Antoni Gaudi, it is because of the protests will be closed.

Also the Catalans, who are working in the area of education, health care, and industry will have their works submitted, according to figures published by the british government. A lot of businesses and shops are on Friday’s close. In addition, many public facilities are not easily accessible.

On several occasions the past have been protest marches to walk. (Photo: Getty Images)

Catalans voted in, in 2017, prior to the independence

When the government banned a referendum in 2017 along with over 2.3 million Catalans turned up, a rise of 42 per cent of the electorate. More than 90 per cent agreed to prior to independence. As a result of the vote shall be decided in Madrid, the regional government will temporarily take over.

The former prime minister Carles Puigdemont, fled shortly afterwards to Brussels, where he has since lived. The supreme court ruled in his home country, has several times, and a European warrant for his arrest was issued, but so far to no avail. The most recent request, which is out this week, it was announced, it should still be in Belgium and will be dealt with.

Puigdemont has committed itself on Friday to the Belgian authorities reported. While they focus on the arrest warrant, the former prime minister’s decision to the freedom to wait and see. He must, however, be available to the court, and can not be without permission to leave.


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