Haley: Trump’s Jerusalem decision ‘fastball’ peace, stop Israel bashing’

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Amb. Haley on the Mideast peace process, North Korea threat

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations President of the Trump discussed to recognize the decision of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, on Sunday President Trump ‘ s defended to postpone the announcement, the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and recognize the Holy city as Israel’s capital-the argument of the step should be “fastball” the peace process in the Middle East, while warning that the international “bashing” of Israel violate these efforts.

“We think this is actually going to help us fastball, the peace process go forward,” said Haley Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

To move the announcement of Trump on Wednesday, the Embassy of Tel Aviv and to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel roiled much of the international community-including the Palestinians, whose seat of government East Jerusalem.

The US announcement was also criticized widely by the 14 other members of the U. N. Security Council, during the emergency meeting Friday, which seems, in part, why Haley on Sunday, Israel, the United States ‘” closest and strongest allies defended.

“It has been repeatedly beat tried, to Israel, for no reason whatsoever,” Haley said. To get “[the United Nations] of Israel-bashing sessions, is constantly trying to find ways to you. … But I don’t want to understand the security Council and all the international community, if you bully Israel, they are helpful for the peace process. Not to … we go with more.”

“The United States will not be lectures from the countries, lacks any credibility when it comes to the treatment of both Israelis and Palestinians.”

— Nikki Haley (@Nikki Haley) 8. December 2017

Trump’s announcement is considered by many, a big departure from decades of U.S. foreign policy on Jerusalem, which is to remain essentially neutral on the question. It also fulfills a big trump card to move a campaign promise, the US Embassy in the Holy city. And it is a big part of the trump management is to bring the agenda of peace in the Middle East.

“We respect everything that the two parties to come together.’

– Nikki Haley

On Sunday, Alyssa Farah, press secretary, Vice President Pence, announced he would be traveling to the Middle East.

“The President has asked Vice President Pence, the region threatens to reaffirm our commitment to cooperation with partners in the entire Middle East to defeat radicalism, that the hopes and dreams of future generations. The Vice-President very much looks forward to traveling to the region to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President el-Sisi. It is regrettable that the Palestinian authority is, to walk, to discuss, again, an opportunity that the future of the region, the administration remains, however, to help undeterred in their efforts, the peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and our peace team is still hard at work, putting together a plan.”

Haley on Sunday, also insisted that the United States “treat the Palestinians and the Israelis pretty” and will allow it to reach the pages of their own peaceful solution.

“We respect everything that the two parties to come together,” she said.


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