Hair Loss Solution

Calcium is an essential nutrient that helps in strengthening hair roots and hair follicles. Hence, patients should include food containing calcium in their diet.

Sound sleep is as important as a good diet for treating hair loss. Sound daily sleep of 7 hours is essential for the treatment of hair loss and no compromise should be made on it. It is important to remember that lack of proper sleep is one of the commonest causes for hair loss.

Patients should select hair care products carefully, as they can affect the hair growth directly. Use of harsh conditioners or shampoos should be strictly avoided and hair styling products should be kept at bay as far as possible for healthy growth of hair. Several hair care products use harsh chemicals that can affect growth of hair negatively. Also, patients should select the hair products depending upon their type of hair. Patients should use hair products containing organic or herbal ingredients.

Tobacco and alcohol are the major predisposing factors for hair loss. Quitting these habits can be very beneficial in stopping hair loss and for re-growth of hair. Some medicines can also lead to hair loss. Hence, patients should consult a physician regarding the use of any medication.

Proper care of hair and keeping the abovementioned points in mind can help patients in preventing and treating hair loss.

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