Hadewych Minis finds it “understandable” that Toni Erdmann Oscar misliep

Hadewych Minis finds it “understandable” that Toni Erdmann Oscar misliep

Hadewych Minis has understanding that is not Toni Erdmann but The Salesman there with the Oscar for best foreign film off is gone.

Although she’s huge too, it is an understandable outcome, as did the actress in RTL Boulevard. “I think there’s a political statement is made,” says Minnie, who nevertheless “grateful” for the whole adventure.

The Salesman of the Iranian filmmaker Ashgar Farhadi won probably thanks to the Us president, Donald Trump set entry. Iran belongs to the seven countries, according to Trump a substantial threat to the US form. Therefore refused Farhadi “out of respect for his fellow-countrymen” at the time of issue.

The German comedy Toni Erdmann gold for a long time as a favorite for the Oscar for best foreign film. In this film, plays Hadewych a supporting role. During the show she was not in the hall where the prizes were awarded. “I was 200 meters away. We were very close”, says the actress.

That, at the end of the show went wrong, when La La Land was accidentally declared the best film, found Hadewych “very bizarre”. “There was suddenly a man with an earpiece and a microphone on the stage. It had something scary. Something goes wrong we said to each other,” says the actress. “It is horrible, but also cool. We are all people.”

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