Hadewych Minis and Porgy Franssen have roles in new Netflixserie

Hadewych Minis and Porgy Franssen have roles in new Netflixserie

Hadewych Minis and Porgy Franssen have supporting roles in a new international mini-series transmitter Netflix. They play in the four-part series Tokyo Trial, which subscribers of the channel, from this week see online.

They are not the only Dutch actors in the series; before, it was already announced that Marcel Hensema one of the leading roles plays.

He plays the role of the Dutch judge Bert Röling (1906-1985), one of the twelve lawyers who, between 1946 and 1948 tried to make a judgement about the Japanese war crimes during the Second world War.

Seven suspects were eventually sentenced to death. Röling, struggled throughout the process, that nearly three years, regularly with its role within the tribunal. The decisions of the judges are, especially in Japan still controversial. Critics argue that an honest opinion is no there could be because the winners of the Second world War, the process sent.


Minis play in the series, the German pianist Eta Harich-Schneider, with whom Röling in Japan friends got; Franssen played the role of the Dutch top level the process followed. The three Dutch actors in the series to see the next big international stars as Jonathan Hyde (Titanic) and Irrfan Khan (Life of Pi, Slumdog Millonaire).

Tokyo Trial is largely directed by the Dutch filmmaker Pieter Verhoeff (Nynke). It is the first major international film for the 78-year-old Verhoeff and his first production since the boekverfilming Letter for the king from 2008.

The screenplay is co-written by Kees) (The Heineken Kidnapping).

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