Hackers steal the data of telecommunications companies in spying campaign on cyber business

TEL AVIV (Reuters) – Hackers broke into the systems of more than a dozen global telecom companies, and steal vast amounts of data into a seven-year espionage campaign, researchers at a cyber security company, said, ” the identification of links to other Chinese-cyber-espionage-related activities.

Lior Div, chief executive of the US-Israeli cyber security company Cybereason, speaks during the Cyber Week conference to be held in Tel-Aviv, Israel, on 25 June 2019. REUTERS/by Corinna Kern

Researchers from the U.S.-Israeli cyber firm Cybereason, said on Tuesday that the attackers compromised of companies in more than 30 countries, and has been referred to the collection of information on people with the government, the police and the politicians.

The hackers used tools in a context with other terrorist attacks attributed to Beijing by the us and its Western allies, said Lior Div, chief executive of Cybereason.

“This level of fine-tuning is not a crime group. This is a government that has the capability to do this kind of attack,” he told Reuters.

Various later, for a step-by-step breakdown of the offense at a cybersecurity conference in Tel Aviv, in the same session, the heads of the US and the Uk, the cyber intelligence units, as well as the head of israel’s Mossad spy agency has said.

“Right now, we’re still tracking them,” he said. “The day after we have debriefed over a 25 variety of telecommunication, the largest telecom companies in the world.”

A spokesman for the chinese Ministry of Foreign affairs, said that he was not aware of the report, but added: “we would never allow a person to engage in such activities on the Chinese soil or by using Chinese infrastructure.”

Cybereason declined to name the companies affected, or the countries in which they operate, but those who are familiar with the Chinese hacking operations, said in Beijing, more and more attention to telco’s in the West, Europe and asia.

The western countries have moved on to call out Beijing for its actions in the wild, warning that Chinese hackers have broken into businesses, and government agencies all over the world in order to steal valuable trade secrets, and personal data for intelligence purposes.

A spokesman for Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s biggest telco, said his company has not been in contact with Cybereason, prior to the publication of the report.

Div said: this is the last campaign in which his team discovered in the last nine months, and the compromise of the internal network of a number of targeted, allowing the offense to adjust to the infrastructure and the theft of large amounts of data.

In some cases, they are able to make a compromise of the entire active directory, which will give them access to every user name and password for the organization. They also got a hold of your personal information, including billing information and call records, Cybereason, said in a blog post.

“They have built up a perfect espionage environment,” said Div, is a former commander of Israel’s military intelligence unit 8200. “They were able to grasp the information the way you need them, and for the purposes that they are interested in.”

Cybereason, said multi-tools that will be used by the attackers, and had previously been used by a Chinese hacking group known as the APT10.

The United States has indicted two alleged members of the APT10 in December, along with other Western countries, the question of the group’s attack on the global technology and service providers, to the stealing of the intellectual property rights of our clients.

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The company has said on previous occasions, was referred to attacks suspected of coming from China or Iran, but it was never really enough to get the name of the new member states.

Cybereason, said that “This time, unlike in the past, and we are proud to say that the attack originated in China.”

“We have to know where to find it, and not just a part of the software, we were able to get more than five of a variety of tools that this particular group,” Misc said.

Additional reporting by Jack Stubbs in London, and Douglas Busvine in Frankfurt, germany. Editing by Jane Merriman and Mark Potter

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