Hackers leak user database of notorious hosting company

Hackers leak user database of notorious hosting company

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The hackers who last Friday a large part of the ‘dark web’ taken offline, now have the user database leaked. The dark web is a part of the internet that is only accessible via special anonimiseringssoftware.

On affected websites, a message is displayed stating that the hackers are more than 10,000 sites offline have met, with 74 GB of files. Also has that computer hacker group now the user database was leaked and posted online, writes The Next Web Sunday.

According to Troy Hunt, the men of the service with which it is possible to find out whether an e-mail address is compromised , the data e-mail addresses of about 381.000 users. Because of the notorious hosting company Freedom Hosting II, inter alia, child pornography and distributed, it may be that a large number of addresses is that people do not in everyday life.

However, 21 percent of the leaked e-maildressen in the database of the website of Hunt, Have I’ve been Pwnd, what suggests that this addresses are from people who have them in daily life.

New sensitive breach: Freedom Hosting II had 381k email addresses exposed. 21% were already in @haveibeenpwned


Time of placing
10:08 – 05-February-2017

Daily used addresses

In addition to details about the users, contains the leaked data back-ups of websites, most of which are built with free services such as WordPress. According to Hunt, contains nearly half of these web sites sexual content involving children, but that claim is not to check.

Think further Hunt that the police now have the data, because the information is available to everyone and e-maildressen contains may be used daily.

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