Hackers leak passwords of social media accounts HBO

Hackers leak passwords of social media accounts HBO

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The hackers who are responsible for the break-in at HBO have the login details of almost every social media account HBO leaked.

The information sent in the hackers to Mashable. It would include going to the Twitter accounts of HBO, Game of Thrones, and Westworld, as well as several Instagram and Giphy accounts.

Mashable has not tried to log in to the accounts, because the data is illegally obtained. The website says, however, no reason to have to doubt the authenticity of the data. Previously, the group would also take all the information with them, have shared, which really turned out to be.

The computer hacker group, calling themselves Mr. Smith says, it says to have access to many HBO platforms. In the e-mail threatened the group that the seventh episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones soon leaked. This is the last episode of the season, which is about a week and a half on broadcast tv.

HBO refused to Mashable to respond, but referred the website to a previous statement. Therein says the company that they have no communication with the hacker. “We’re not going every time to respond as new information comes out.”


Wednesday night was the Twitter account of HBO hacked. That was however done by another computer hacker group, called OurMine. That group, take more prominent accounts, and then place a message. There seems to be no connection with the hack by Mr. Smith.

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