Gwyneth Paltrow describes controversial Harvey Weinstein as a ‘bully’

Gwyneth Paltrow, who had previously told sexually harassed by the abuse accused film producer Harvey Weinstein, has even more nasty experiences with him. The actress says that she frequently quarrel with him.

“He was a bully,” says Paltrow in conversation with Variety. “I never found it difficult to stand up to him, I was not afraid of him. I was the public face of Miramax (the film company that was part of The Weinstein Company, red.) and found that it was my duty to myself.”

The actress and the producer had to regularly fight with each other. “He was a very difficult boss and we had a fraught relationship. Therefore, we stumbled into hardened confrontations.”

Actress got no money after blockbuster

So refused Weinstein Paltrow after the success of Emma, in which the actress in the leading role, to give money when the movie will be a blockbuster turned out. She kept this money to claim it, until he finally paid.

“I know that I have a legal letter received which stated: This is not a recognition that we to you money guilty, but with this you get a cheque.”

Was also Paltrow with Weinstein turned upside down after he the American Ben Affleck chose for the male lead in Shakespeare in Love, something that he decided after Good Will Hunting (the breakthrough of Affleck, ed.) was a big success.

Joseph Fiennes, who is ultimately the role of the British Shakespeare played, had already auditioned but Weinstein wanted would prefer Affleck in the romantic comedy. “I said to him: you can’t. This role should be played by a Brit.” Weinstein was eventually persuaded.

Paltrow forced a massage

The incident in which Paltrow by Weinstein was harassed, took place shortly after the then 22-year-old actress signed a contract with The Weinstein Company for a starring role in the films Emma and Shakespeare in Love.

Weinstein would Paltrow have to try to force him a massage, while they are together in a hotel room. He is by dozens of women accused of abuse, ranging from sexual harassment to rape. The ex-ceo of The Weinstein Company denies everything.

The case against him is filed, has been delayed by one month, as was Tuesday known. It will take place on June 3, 2019.


Who is the controversial Harvey Weinstein, exactly?

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