Gwen of Ports, see fetishes ‘super fascinating’

Gwen of Ports, see fetishes ‘super fascinating’

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Gwen Gates says ‘fan’ of people with a particular sexual preference. The Squirt and Swallow-host do for her program of research into various fetishes.

“I love the birds of paradise, I’d rather be crazy than boring,” says Ports to

For her BNNVARA program is the 27-year-old presenter been to people with a remarkable sexual preference. “I’m going to look at people, adult babies, who like a child. I’m also in an apartment in Amsterdam that is specially equipped for people who have a fetish: a kind of large games room. I found fantastic.”

Gates tells that she likes to do research into the different types of fetishes and then goes after or something for herself. “I’m open and honest, though I say it myself. I have looked at the voetenfetisj: is that something for me? But also to the sm mistress, a lacquer and rubber-fetish and adult baby.”

Yet still keep the Spray and Swallow-host it yourself quiet in the bedroom. “I’ve especially noticed that I really love to just have sex with the person I love, in a very comfortable bed. I find it fun to see what a fetish in people disconnecting, but it’s not that I’ll take with me to the bedroom. I find it super fascinating.”

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