Guus Meeuwis: ‘Every song has to be better than the song before’

Guus Meeuwis is now 25 years old in the box and won Monday the Lennaert Nijgh Prize for his entire oeuvre. “At the beginning of my career they said to me: ‘You must not stop, you think this is too much fun.'”

The 47-year-old Meeuwis, whose oeuvre more than 150 songs includes, and price during the Buma Awards received, says in conversation with to know why he of this long-term success may enjoy: “You must not think that people the same of you expect, that is the biggest pitfall there is.”

According to the widow of Lennaert Nijgh was his own greatest competitor. He could in the eighties, not more of the hits match that in the sixties he had written. Do you recognize the fear?

“I once felt and then it was over. The first album, with hits like It’s a Night, fall in Love and By Rail, we have so uninhibited included. But then had to plate two. That is reasonably successful, but it was a drama. I thought that people of us would expect, but they need to understand with your grow, and sometimes want to be surprised.”

How far can you go what is that surprise?

“You need to have them not too often on the wrong track, or to another bow throw. Sometimes I search for that boundary. It is important that you are in the course of the years, feel what is and what is not for you. That is not to say that you cannot occasionally a trip may make. But the base where you’re from, in your own abilities.”

When did you know for sure that you have a long-term career would go?

“We played under the name of Vagant, and I noticed that a lot of people liked what we did, but I also noticed that, within the band and management, different ambitions were. I felt there and little by stopped. As I known, there were a lot of good people to me who said, ” You can’t stop, because you found it too much fun.’ There I was, however, very much agree. I have far too long made to realize that this is it for me. I have for too long thought: I sit again tomorrow in the lectures.”

Question, you you ever wonder how long you still relevant will remain as an artist?

“Whether people like it or not, you have not in the hand. With one listener, you have a hobby, with thousands of you will have a career. That dividing line is very thin. What do people think of me, what do they expect of me and do I have to comply? I ask myself that less and less. However, I think more and more about what I myself expected. And that is that each song better than the song before. That may not always be, but I want to do often.”

Which song from your oeuvre gets too little appreciation?

“Let me in that delusion. That is a kind of chanson-like, beautifully accompanied, little song. With a pretty universal message, straight from my heart. In one way or another, people find it very nice, but that song is never mentioned first. I would make a plate to fill with that kind of numbers. Sometimes you feel that you have a good number to have, sometimes you sit there fully next. That is also so often in all those years happened, that I thought something had. It is simply not to be predicted. We play a lot live, so many songs have a live reputation. That see you back again in the streams. Songs are only going to move and life as you often have to make plays. In the studio search you often have to the formula, the duration and the composition.”

Have you ever had to music which you knew you never live would play?

“No. We have the luck that we are often in clubs, theatres and at festivals should play. We are looking at the right occasions with the right songs. Most of the songs are therefore ever passed. I play the numbers if It is a Night and By Rail also still like. If you have all those numbers behind each other, it becomes a kind of family. When we were in the Royal Albert Hall were, I very long thought about the setlist. I had the songs initially, for convenience, chronologically behind the other set and when I list saw this I thought: what would be cool if we just start with It is a Night and end up with the last single of the last album. That we have done and that was totally the bomb.”

One of the most famous songs that End has written the socially critical song Goodnight, mr. president. Something you will find in your oeuvre.

“That’s right. I find and found that I still do not have the same authority, to have something to sing. It may still come, who knows. Freek de Jonge takes something like. I don’t know what happens when I do. I have in any case not feel. I write more about the little happiness and little sorrow, than about big worldly issues. Maybe I should me somewhere to hurt.”

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