Gunman in Texas shooting rampage, armed with AR-type weapon, ” acted alone, investigators say

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Former DC Detective Ted Williams said that there is great work to be done by the police officers to bring down the Texas game.

The shooter in the Saturday afternoon shooting incident in West, Texas, was acting alone when he killed seven people with an AR-type rifle, ” the researchers said on Sunday.

For those who were killed ranged in age from 15 to 57 years old, the city of Odessa’s police chief, Michael Gerke said, ” and what it suggests is that more and more people would have died, had the police killed the gunman out of a crowded movie theater. Two of the victims died at night.

“He was in a movie theater, which would tend to show his motive,” Gerke said at a news conference.

The police chief also said that he is not in the name of the shooter, which is due to the presence of a Saturday, as a white male in his 30’s, because I refuse to accept it.”

Midland city of Odessa and the police, and the police officers of the area behind the Cinergy movie theater in the city of Odessa, Texas, on Saturday. (Tim Fischer/Midland Reporter-Telegram, via AP)


“I’m not going to give him any publicity for what he has done,” the chief said.

In the shoot-out in Midland Odessa airport, and 22 others were injured, including three police officers and a 17-month-old baby girl.

Gerke said a motive for the shootings, which started shortly after 3 o’clock

FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs said that the murderer had no link to terrorist groups. Investigators said the shooter had a criminal record, but does not reveal the details.

President’s Home, on Sunday, tweeted, “Great job by the Texas law Enforcement and first Responders in how to deal with the terrible story, a tragedy.”

The recording was started after Texas state troopers pulled over the shooter’s to make a left-hand turn without signaling.

Police officers guard a street in the city of Odessa, Texas, on Saturday. (Dustin Fawcett, via AP)

In the chaos that ensued, the suspect has been compromised as a mail carrier, a truck, and fired randomly, investigators said.


Gerke said on 15 sites had been designated as criminal offence.

The Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman, Katherine Cesinger, said the driver, “don’t be a gun in the direction of the rear window of his car and fired a number of shots” at himself as if he were still on the move.

The gunfire hit one of the two troopers in the patrol car, Cesinger said, and the gunman took off and continued to shoot.

Two other cops were shot and killed before the suspect was killed. The researchers said that the soldier was in serious but stable condition on Saturday, and the other officers were in a stable.


Shauna Saxton said she was driving with her husband, and he is in the city of Odessa, and had paused at a traffic light when she heard a loud pop.

“I was looking over my shoulder, to the left of the gold car pulled up and a man was there who had a very large gun, and was pointing at me,” she told TELEVISION station KOSA.

Saxton said that she had been trapped, for there were two cars in front of her. “I started honking my horn. I started swerving, and we were in a little bit for him, and for whatever reason, the cars in front of me, in a kind of a farewell,” she said, sobbing. She told me that she heard three shots as they flew away.

The shooting was the second mass shooting in Texas in a month’s time. A gunman killed 22 people in El Paso, Aug. 3.

“I’ve been to a lot of these events, as Texas Gov. In fact, Greg Abbott, said in a press conference.


He said the newly enacted laws would make schools safer it is for shooting attacks.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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