Gunman dead after 2 cops shot in San Diego stand-off; 1 officer reported clinging to life

Officers surrounded San Diego apartment complex where a gunman, reportedly in his 30s barricaded himself in a report said.

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Two San Diego police were shot Saturday night after a gunman wearing a bullet-proof vest barricaded himself in an apartment and fired through the walls.

#BREAKING Update: just learned one of the officers shot tonight was hit in his shoulder and expects that it will be ok, but the other was hit in the chest and is currently in surgery with life-threatening injuries.

— Andrew Luria (@AndrewLuria) Of 24 June 2018

One of the officers is reportedly in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after taking a gunshot wound to the chest. The other agent was hit in the shoulder, but is expected to be OK, reported Andrew Lumia FOX 5 San Diego.

After a standoff of about two hours, the suspect was pronounced dead just before 1 a.m. Sunday local time, after police sent in a robot and a police dog to check out of the apartment, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

A camera on the robot saw the suspect lying on the ground, with apparent head trauma. Government, with each other sent in the dog, that bit the suspect on the leg, but got no response.

It was unclear whether the suspect shot in the head by the police, or if the wound is self-inflicted, FOX 5 Lumia reported.

The police later carried out welfare checks of nearby apartment units for giving an all clear.

This is a google view of the apartment complex where this all will play out.

— Andrew Luria (@AndrewLuria) Of 24 June 2018

The situation attracted several police cars to the Rolando-area apartment complex where the gunman, reportedly in his 30s barricaded himself within the Union-Tribune reported.

The authorities blocked the surrounding streets and evacuated tenants.

Around 11:20 p.m., a SWAT team had a suspect in custody, but was later confirmed that the suspect was not the shooter.

No other injuries were reported.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of protestors marched to San Diego’s Otay Mesa Detention Center to protest against the Trump administration’s immigration policy. But it was not known as the stand-off situation had a connection with the protests.

The demonstration was largely without incident. But by evening, police had arrested six people for illegal assembly and blocking access to a road, FOX 5 reported.

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