Gun safety expert: press for a ban on guns for people under the age of 21 would have little or no effect on the mass executions



Should school teachers, administrators be armed?

Crime Prevention Research Center’s John Lott’s efforts to prevent school shootings.

As high school students staged a national walkout, gun control advocates have called for legislation to increase the age for handgun purchases to 21, but one report shows that this has little to no effect.

The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) released a new report looking at the age distribution of the mass public shootings in America, with a particular emphasis on the question of whether the increase of the age of the purchase of weapons would have made any difference in the recent mass shootings.

CPRC President John Lott, Jr. concludes that, if the motivation for the increase of the age limit for gun ownership to 21 the Park massacre, it is “misplaced.”

Lott points to scientific research, which, he says, is completely ignored by the control of the proponents.

“We are all looking for magic bullets to stop crime, but it creates real problems,” Lott told Fox News. “It appears that the 20-year-old women who are stalked with rifles for protection.”

He adds that previous research has shown increases in the federal and state minimum age found increase in murder rates, and no effect on other crime.

His findings also show the increase of the age would not have prevented the Florida shooting.

In the last 20 years, 85 percent of the mass of the public executions were committed by persons older than 21 and half of the people under 21 were already prohibited from purchasing weapons.

If control of the lawyers and the students walk out of their schools, Lott said he is frustrated by the inability to stop mass public shootings, but he says the proposed policy would not have stopped the attacks.

“What is so frustrating is that they do not want to consider to do something that would work, to cope with the fact that 98 percent of the mass of the public recordings continue to occur in places where we ban general citizens to defend themselves,” Lott said. “These killers continue to say that they choose places where people have no weapons to protect themselves.”

Lott points of the 25 member states that allows teachers and staff to carry weapons in different level, adding: “there are no attacks in the schools and no problems.”

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