Gulen will participate if US decides him to deliver to Turkey

Gulen will participate if US decides him to deliver to Turkey

Photo: ZDF

If the United States decide Fethullah Gulen to deliver to Turkey, then will the spiritual to cooperate.

That said Gülen in an interview with the German broadcaster ZDF. “If the U.S. says yes, then I will go.”

If the U.S. acts, then it is the 75-year-old spiritual also prepared for an international commission of inquiry to appear. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejects Gulen and his Hizmet movement, as the instigators of the coup, that mid-July was averted.

Gulen will be the possible outcome of the investigation into the failed coup accept it. If there are followers have been involved, then he will accept the corresponding punishment.


Turkey, the US has already twice asked for Gülen to be delivered, which is a time because of the failed couppoging and once because of criminal activities.

The Turkish prosecutors want Gulen two times life and an extra 1.900 years imprisonment is given for the violent way the constitutional order degrade’ and ‘leading a terrorist organization’.

The 75-year-old Gulen has been living since 1999, when in exile in the U.s. state of Pennsylvania.

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