Guinea and Mauritania do last attempt departure ex-president, Gambia

Guinea and Mauritania do last attempt departure ex-president, Gambia

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The governors of the West African countries of Mauritania and Guinea are currently carrying out the last conversations with ex-president Jammeh of Gambia, in the hope that Jammeh independent waiver of his position after lost elections.

Officially was an ultimatum for Jammeh to leave the country on Friday, at 12.00, but Jammeh has asked for an extension to the country voluntarily leave.

Thursday began the army of Senegal, supported by, among others, Nigeria and the United Nations, an invasion of neighbouring country of Gambia in order to put pressure on ex-president Jammeh to leave the country.

The military intervention was Thursday night, however, also paused to Jammeh a last chance to position yourself to give and transfer to the now in Senegal geïnaugureerde president Barrow.

According to the united West-African countries, it is impossible that Jammeh remains on as president of the Gambia. If countries, due to the mediation agree with Jammeh about a departure, the ex-president himself select a country where he was exiled, authorities.

Summary: Unrest in the Gambia

On december 1, wins Adama Barrow the elections in the African Gambia.

After the victory of Barrow go, voters are cheering on the streets.

The mood turns to as a sitting president Yahya Jammeh refuses to leave. He had earlier promised to do so.

The decision of Jammeh not to steps leading to lot of unrest among the population.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs then provides a negative travel advice for the Gambia. Vacationers are restored to the Netherlands.

For capital Banjul, the ministry even code red issued. There would be an invasion of the West African military threat from Senegal.

On 19 January, Barrow in Senegal inaugurated as the president of the Gambia.
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After the inauguration of president Adama Barrow celebrate his supporters party at the Gambian embassy in Dakar.

Shortly after the inauguration of Barrow is the Senegalese army Gambia.
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Last attempt

The conversations that Guinea and Mauritania, for now, seem to be a last attempt to reach a political solution to come.

In the meanwhile troops of Senegal still ready to support the previously employed military intervention to resume. Senegal has, however, said the talks between the countries and Jammeh to wait, before intervening.

The army of Gambia has since been declared the new president Barrow as commander to recognize. They say Senegalese troops for a possible restart of the intervention to welcome and not to oppose any regional interference to Jammeh to expel.

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