Guardian angel: The bizarre and the miraculous rescues by 2019 at the latest photo’s and video’s

to connectVideoArizona a driver runs a red light, narrowly misses couple with a baby carriage

The Jeep runs a red light and narrowly misses couple with a baby carriage.

A lot of people are finding themselves in dire need of Good Samaritans, emergency workers, and at least one guardian angel, in 2019.

For a few unfortunate souls fell into the septic tanks or silos. Others found themselves in the crosshairs of a drunken driver, but, in any case, rescuers saved the day.

Here are some of the most baffling and bizarre rescues:

‘Angel’ is in Arizona, the family of the drunken driver

An amazing rescue took place in October, when he accidentally saved a family crossing the street in Arizona, a suspected drunken driver.

Shannon Vivar, whom the police would later call it, an “angel,” threw his car into a Jeep that was running a red light at an intersection — and it seemed to be about to be cut down to a few crossed the street, pushing a baby stroller.

Phoenix-police have arrested the driver of the Jeep, For Oveso, 23, after a brief chase.

Days after the video of the incident was released, Vivar, was honored as a “community hero” and as a 2018 Chevy Cruz to replace his damaged vehicle, which, thanks to the used-car retailer, Carvana.

An Oregon woman trapped in the septic tank to the day

To overcome the chances of an Oregon woman, was bailed out in August after they fell into a septic tank and got stuck in the water for days, officials said.

A Rescue team from the Estacada fire department, Technical Rescue Team, along with the Motor 318, of Clackamas helped with the rescue of a woman, fire officials said.
(Estacada Rural Fire District No. 69)

The unknown woman, who had been working on the tank outside of his rural home, where she lived alone, and when she fell, and after the oxidized state of the metal, the top gave way..

After not being heard from for several days, and the daughter of the woman, and went to check on her and found her lying in the tank .

The fire department pulled her out of the tank, and the emergency services rushed her to hospital in a helicopter, and the Estacada fire department wrote on Facebook at the moment.

It is a miracle, the woman did not suffer any major injuries.

In Utah, a man was found in a 12-inch pipe

A Utah man received a rude awakening in September when he finds himself trapped in a drainage pipe under a busy overpass.

The Salt Lake City fire department extricated a man who was asleep, and was caught up in a 12-inch drainage pipe at the end of September.
The Salt Lake City Fire department IAFF Local of 81)

The unidentified 40-year-old man had gone to sleep in the vicinity of the pipe, and slid down in it without waking up to the Capt. Adam Davies in the Salt Lake City Fire department told FOX13 in Salt Lake City.

Passers-by later, he heard the man’s cries for help and called the emergency services.

The rescue operation proved to be impossible, because the man had got into the pipe, and that was only a foot wide. The fire department heavy rescue team cut the pipe and use a pulley system to drag the man to continue working, he said.

The man was found dehydrated, but did not have any significant injuries when he was taken to the hospital, officials said.

“It’s rare to see a life in a confined space like that,” Davies said, noting that the decrease in oxygen content and the presence of toxic gases, typically, the dead who are trapped in such a place. “Every day you save a life, it is a good day for the fire department.”

Pennsylvania man falls asleep in a shipping container, wakes up in garbage truck

There are safer places to sleep it off.

At the beginning of September, a Pennsylvania man fell asleep in a dumpster and wakes up screaming in a garbage truck.

The Pittsburgh fire and police departments responded to the rescue of the trapped men, officials said.
(Republic Services).

A driver with Republic Services, the emptying of a garbage container in the back of his big blue truck, around 3:30 a.m. when he heard the sound of a man screaming, Pittsburgh police said.

The driver got out and opened the sliding door to the rear, and the discovery of the piece in the middle of the trash can. Not to the man himself, he cried out for help.

After the fire department took the man with no name, he told the authorities that he had been separated from a friend the night before, and the need to have a place to go to get to sleep. Is a dumpster in the area, it was his unfortunate selection.

He was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Gary, Indiana woman is rescued after a week or so after the fall to the bottom of the stack

An Indianapolis woman was rescued from a grain silo that was built in June, after claiming she is a prisoner to the ground, the officials said.

The woman told rescuers that she had been caught up to meet the bottom edge for a whole week, the officials said.
(Indianapolis Fire Department)

The workers were busy with the preparation for the replacement of a 30-foot silo, and when they found the unknown woman with the Indianapolis Fire department tweeted at the time.

The 28-year-old woman told authorities she was homeless and had to find shelter, when she was attacked. She said that when she climbed up the silo, with the aid of a ladder, but when you are using a interior is one of them and I slipped and fell.


Workers in a lower. In spite of the lack of food and water, even though it was described on the scene as an “alert” and “oriented,” with no visible injuries.

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