Growth number of Netflix subscribers is higher than expected

Growth number of Netflix subscribers is higher than expected

Photo: Netflix

Netflix has in the fourth quarter of 2016 7,05 million new subscribers welcomed. In total, there are 93.8 million people around the world who has a subscription to Netflix.

Netflix has in the United States, to 1.93 million subscribers. What is the international market, the company realised 5,12 million new subscribers to bind.

The American streaming service exceeding the expectations of analysts about the growth by a wide margin. The expectation was that Netflix something more than five million subscribers would get in the past quarter: 1.45 million in America and 3.75 million in the rest of the world.

The turnover was also higher than expected. So, the service has the 2,4 mijard dollar earned in the last quarter of last year. The company gave again more on including own productions and licenses. The net profit increased from 51.5 million to 67 million dollars.

For the first quarter of 2017 expected Netflix’s 5.2 million new users, of which 1.5 million in their own country.

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Black Mirror

Netflix is the channel behind series such as Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and Marvel’s Luke Cage, The Crown and the third season of Black Mirror. These four series know seriekijkers quite a spell, let the service know. But also the series 3% did good to score, mainly in Brazil and Latin America. The sci-fi series is Spanish-speaking.

In 2017 is going to Netflix around $ 6 billion to invest in new series, leave the service in a letter to investors (pdf). Last year saw that number at 5 billion dollars. This must be like a thousand hours of content to deliver.

In that letter we also read how the company thinks about net neutrality. Netflix believes it is important that internet service providers do not determine what services or web sites, priority would be given to the network and hopes that the new government of the United States, this opinion shares, and understand that an open internet for more opportunities and innovation.

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