Grown body predicts effects of medications

Grown body predicts effects of medications

Leiden scientists have new evidence that the ‘organs-on-a-chip ” good predictors for the action of drugs in the human body.

According to Leiden University, they discovered that cultured minidarmpjes react the same way to aspirin as real human bodies.

The so-called organs-on-chips since a few years a high flight. The new technique may offer a good alternative for animal testing in drug tests.

This is the testing of drugs with cultured orgaancellen on-a-chip, where tiny vloeistofkanaaltjes walk, according to the researchers from Leiden more effective and much cheaper.


By the reverse engineering of organs can be recreated to be what goes wrong with organs in certain diseases. That should, eventually, to better treatments.

Pharmacists can with the modelorganen easier the efficacy and toxicity of kandidaatmedicijnen estimate. “That way, many substances are already excluded from follow-up research before the drug the proefdierfase effect'”, says University of Leiden.

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