Group of women threatens with lawsuit against Google for discrimination

Group of women threatens with lawsuit against Google for discrimination

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A group of more than sixty women considering a lawsuit against Google for sexism and discrimination within the company.

That writes The Guardian. Lawyer James Finberg states that sixty women in the case have connected. They say less money than men in similar positions. Also, the corporate culture inside Google ‘hostile to women’, which makes promotion difficult.

Of the women involved works about half still at Google, the other half has in the past worked. The half of the former employees said to have resigned because of discrimination in the company, according to Finberg. A number of the women says about $ 40,000 less to earn than male Google colleagues who do the same work.

A spokesman for Google did not respond substantively on the case, but argues that sixty people is a very small sample. “There will always be differences in salaries based on location, role, and performance,” he says. “This process makes no distinction in gender.”

Discrimination and sexism

Google was last week in the news, when an employee is a manifesto wrote that he is for less diversity in the workplace pleaded. The programmer was later dismissed. Google manager Sundar Pichai wrote in a letter to employees that parts of the manifesto are inconsistent with the internal policies of the company.

It is also not the first time that Google have been accused of onderbetalen of female employees. That said, the U.s. department of Labor in april. It was going to be systematically less pay of 70,000 female workers in comparison with men. The ministry is investigating the case.

Google found it in may still ‘too expensive and too time consuming” to get the data from 2014 to present. A judge decided last month that Google that information or to transmit it, as well as contact information of eight thousand employees.

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