‘Group of cyber criminals earn millions per day with advertentiefraude’

‘Group of cyber criminals earn millions per day with advertentiefraude’

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A group of Russian cybercriminals, is behind the most large-scale fraud with internet ads ever. They earn 3 to 5 million dollars per day, with advertisements on fake websites that are only by nepbezoekers be visited.

Reports that the security firm WhiteOps in a new report. The researchers have the criminal operation name Methbot given.

The criminals use a network of fake websites that pose as the sites of major international media, social networks and other popular websites, say researchers.

They do so by means of ‘spoofing’ as a total of more than 250,000 different domains. But in fact they present on their nepwebpagina’s video ads, which by automated nepbezoekers be requested.


That bots, that are controlled from servers in Amsterdam and Dallas, seem for advertisers ‘ordinary’ internet users, because their ip addresses were mistakenly registered as customers of well-known internet service providers. Also were the bots logged in on social media and they looked like any other legitimate internet activities.

Because advertisers seems as if their complaints on the websites of reputable web sites appeared, they pay relatively high amounts to approximately $ 13 per thousand visitors. That advertentieinkomsten be cashed in by the fraudsters and come in a total of millions of dollars per day.


According to WhiteOps is it going to be by far the largest case of advertentiefraude on the internet of all time. The group who previously had the record for most knew previously, slightly less than a million dollars per day on ironing.

“Methbot brings advertentiefraude to a new level of sophistication and scale,” says director Michael Tiffany of WhiteOps at Ad Age. According to him, the criminals are exactly the type of ads that the most positive results.

It is unknown what advertisers are affected by the fraud. These data are by WhiteOps not released. However, the company has a list of abused ip addresses released, so ad networks and advertisers the fraudsters can block.

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