Groundhog Day: the Congress avoid, once again, scrambles to shut down

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Shares slide as Congress debates new spending bill

House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) responded to the massive market sell-off and how it is trying to impact Congress ” to pass a spending bill.

The term “caps”.

No, this is not only trade with the Washington Capitals last year with the St. Louis Blues for defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk.

We’re talking about government spending “caps.”

You know, maybe “caps” as “sequestration.” The task that is now before the Congress to avoid another government shutdown and forge to dig a deal, the limitations that hinder Federal spending for the year. The lack of an agreement on spending caps could be used to determine whether the government shutters later this week. A caps-offer seems to settle in connection with the Democrats ” demand for DACA.

A Bit Of History:

In the summer of 2011, Congress struggled to raise the debt ceiling, the limit to how much red ink, which can carry the government. Type in “sequestration,” a series of mandatory, indiscriminate spending cuts – or “caps.”

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has an ominous warning that lawmakers must increase other incriminating vote on the debt ceiling in early March. It was meant to be a couple of weeks ago that the Congress can brake until the end of next month to fight with the guilt. But, the CBO warns that the Treasury could just pay in cash, and “the government would not be able to, its obligations to the full.”

The GOP tax liability estimated to overthrow the government in debt by the addition of 1.5 trillion US Dollar, accelerated the call for an earlier debt brake.

An error rattle could be the stock and bond markets. This is a problem, given the freefall on Wall Street too late.

For years, Washington raged over the “saving of expenditure.” Now the anger is caps to unravel spending so that Congress can spend more.

Is threatens another government shutdown?


The Federal government spends about $4.1 trillion a year. There are two types of Federal spending: “mandatory” spending and “discretionary” spending. Mandatory spending makes up almost 70 percent of the government’s $4.1 trillion US dollars. Washington, most of the claims such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. dedicated Thanks to laws passed years ago, money flows unchecked from the door, by the current Congress. The legislature could go back in if you wanted, but you don’t. The rest of the money is “voluntary.” Discretionary spending for the 12 annual spending bills funding the government. The Federal government shutters a few weeks ago, and prior to further possible closure, because the Congress and the President could not approve of the 12 appropriations bills.

There is deadlock on everything.

Legislators from both parties to the caps” deal ends almost sequestration seven years-is to secure “. Defense hawks are pushing for $80 billion in additional money for the Pentagon. The military spending is by far the largest chunk of discretionary spending (the better half). Therefore, the sequestration caps hit the Pentagon the hardest. That is why the defense the hawks are outraged when there are Marine accidents, planes that can’t fly and breaks in training.

Democrats are ready to act. They are caps for the repeal of sequestration. But Democrats are insisting on an increase of $40-45 billion, the expenditure hikes for the 11 other sections of the discretionary.


Senators try to find common ground, after the shutdown

One side of the equation will not move without the other. And the Democrats don’t act much of anything, until you are sure an IF package.

It is not difficult to understand, to secure the level of difficulty of the caps agreement. Consider the original table from the year 2011 the law it is written, how much the sequestration will allow the Congress would allocate to the military in fiscal year 2018: $she climbs 603 billion to $616 billion in fiscal year 2019. At the end of January, Fox News has learned that President Trump intends to present to Congress a budget request, the balloons, the defense spending to a whopping $716 billion.

There is no possibility of managing to get something close, unless you relax the sequestration budget caps.

You thought Groundhog day was last week. Try this week. On Monday, house Republicans another interim editions published statement. This is the fifth consecutive emergency spending plan. It’s like the Bill Murray movie where the day play on a loop. And this: the last statement Fund for the government-you guessed it-six weeks.

Have members of Congress emerge from the Capitol basement and see your shadow, or what?

Legislators are tired of the fiscal déjà vu.

“Why is it better with the time?” a senior House Republican asked about the emergency plan. “It is not like wine.”

A number of members ask why GOP leaders forge a deal during their three-day issues retreat last week in West Virginia.

“We have this wonderful ‘rah-rah’ deliberations on an agenda and then we are not talking about the two things that we need to tackle the spending and immigration,” complained a Republican.

The new plan is spending goiter defense. The court will vote on the defense hawks Yes. Democrats against the plan, because there is no IF-Pact. The Senate is likely to be spending strip of extra defense and send it back to the house.

How is it then?

A caps offer.

That would solve a lot of things. But until Thursday?

“Expect late into the night every day this week,” said the Republican leadership aide.

Otherwise, there is no agreement. Punxsutawney Phil certainly can’t help. And with no solution, members of Congress, it can look as confused as a child at the Super Bowl, when Justin Timberlake comes Weil’s.

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