Groom breaks arm the night before friend’s wedding; replacement stable boy breaks foot shorty then

Brendan O ‘Mara, left, and Steven Jackson, right, both injured themselves the night before friend Michael’s wedding.

A best man broke his arm the night before his friend’s wedding only for his replacement to break his foot in just half an hour later.

Steven Jackson, 39, broke his humerus bone falling off the bed, and he, the groom, childhood friend of Michael Jackson, 40, is prepared in the night before the wedding. Steven was brought to the hospital by an ambulance and other pal Brendan O’mara, 41, stepped in as a replacement of the best man and started frantically writing a speech. But thirty minutes later O’mara tripped on a sidewalk outside the hotel as he went for a cigarette and broke his foot.

The same was the ambulance at the place of the second best man O’mara for the treatment at the Royal Oldham Hospital and even him in a district adjacent to Steven.


Fortunately, both friends was the big day at Chadderton town Hall, Oldham, England, Michael is married to 31-year-old partner Kelly.

Steven got to deliver his best man speech, the change of the opening sentence: “I was planning on getting drunk tonight, but ended up getting plastered!’

Fortunately, both friends (see picture to left), the big day where pal Michael married 31-year-old partner Kelly.

“We’d been out for a curry with Michael’s father and of the son, and had a few pints, but we were back at the hotel by 8.30 am,” Steven, a postman, said. “By 11 o’clock we were ready for bed, excited for the big day, but I sat on the end of the bed with my pants off. I misjudged the distance and slipped off the bed, landing on my arm.”

“It was awkwardly wedged between the baseboard and the edge of the cabinet and was completely bent back of the trap,” he continued. “I was in shock so not really the pain right away, and Michael was laughing until he saw the state of my arm.”

Best man Steven Jackson broke his arm for his friend Michael, the big day.

The groom called an ambulance and within half an hour the ambulance had arrived to get of Steven the painful area with the aid of gas and air, and off to the hospital.

“Michael said our friend, Brendan, would be the best man, because it didn’t matter if I had to make it to the wedding,” Steven added. “As the ambulance doors closed, Brendan cried out:” Yes! I am the best man now!'”

Steven had an X-ray which found he had broke his humerus and his arm was in a cast.


Taking a break from hurriedly writing a speech for his big moment, the next day, O’mara was outside with a cigarette when he stumbled over a curb and injured his foot. He hobbled back to the Travelodge hotel in Oldham, Greater Manchester, with the help of a passer-by and, once again, Michael called an ambulance.

The same team of paramedics arrived back at the hotel, confused to find another best man who needs help.

“I woke up at 7 pm and on Saturday and Brendan wheeled himself in and said,” Morning, neighbor!'” he remembered. “I called Michael and he filled me in on everything that he’d ended the evening for his marriage all alone!”

Steven and O’mara were discharged later that morning — Steven with a cast and O’mara with crutches — and walked back to the hotel to get us ready.

“I just couldn’t believe that it happened – it was just a movie. The wedding went off without a hitch … and then it was the most beautiful day of our lives,” the groom, Michael, photo, said.


“It was a nightmare – I felt sick from the morphine and Brendan was in a lot of pain,” Steven said. “But I felt it was my duty to run, so I took ages getting myself ready, as well as I could and made it to the wedding 10 minutes before it was set to start right at the nick of time.

“Michael was in shock when he saw us, but he was chuffed we’d managed to make it. The bride was a half hour late, so I was wincing in pain, but managed to get through the ceremony.”

“The speech went well, so I was glad of that. I couldn’t stay too much longer after that, I was in too much pain, but Michael and Kelly had a great day,” Steven served up.

Brendan joked: “The ambulances that night were like a taxi queue in the city.”

“It was just absolute madness – I really couldn’t have written. I could not believe that it happened,” Kelly, the bride, photo, added.

“I just couldn’t believe that it happened – it was just a movie. The wedding went off without a hitch … and then it was the most beautiful day of our life,” groom said Michael.

“It was just absolute madness. I really could not have written. I could not believe that it happened,” Kelly the bride added.

This story was originally published by SWNS.

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