Groningen-Sparta and Emmen-Fortuna. to the point of beginning

After PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag (3-1) moves to the Premier league-on Sunday, from 14: 30 to go further with FC Groningen, Sparta Rotterdam and FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. At 16.45 hours, then Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo, the netherlands. Follow all the live.

  • The program
  • 14: 30, FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands
  • 14: 30 FC Groningen-Sparta Rotterdam
  • 16.45 pm: Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo
  • Results
  • PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag 3-1

PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 8 minutes ago inZwolle, gives ADO’s fifth defeat in a row
PEC Zwolle to win fairly easily at ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. In the second half and was still behind, but still have to rest at the same height and is to come. After the rest of the Zwolle away, and give the ADO’s fifth defeat in a row.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 10 minutes geleden90+3″, a Lot of yellow cards in the final stage of the competition. Also, mr Clement get a yellow.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a 12-minute geleden90+1′ in Zwolle, the-year-old Stegeman is given a yellow card by GözübüyükPEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 13 minutes geleden90′ Stegeman, put his final bill is in. End Ghoochannejhad will be replaced by Sam Christmas.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag·, a 14-minute geleden90 Yellow card for Ould-Chikh because of the protest.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 16 minutes ago89′ GOAL, PEC Zwolle! 3-1

Pelle Clement of uncertainty to an end. The midfielder will pass the ADO keeper Koopmans, and you can binnenschieten.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag·, 18 minutes geleden86′ Saymak shoot in the goal, from the Koopmans.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 19 hours agoReza Ghoochannejhad makes it his fifth goal in five Premier-league-matches for PEC Zwolle. The only other PEC Zwolle players who are at least five times and scored in his first five Premier-league-matches, it is Lars Veldwijk.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 24-geleden80′ Some of the also last, a currency exchange facility in the. Thomas Haye is replacing Lex, After all.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a 25-minute geleden77, ” A bill of exchange in THE city of Zwolle. End, Bel Hassani goes to the end Denis Johnson is in it. Also, a switch to ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. When the visitors leave, Danny Baker’s field. For him, it is Tomas Necid.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 29 minutes ago74′ GOAL, PEC Zwolle! 2-1

Reza Ghoochannejhad set to Zwolle once again in the lead. The goal is to, in the first instance, was disapproved because of offside, but the VAR will adopt the goal, however, is good.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 37 minutes geleden67′ There are very few opportunities in the second half. Summerville is in the vicinity of the objective of the Mous, however, he moves with the ball in the hands of the keeper.FC Groningen-Sparta Rotterdam · the 38-minute geledenOm 14: 30 state of the match between FC Groningen and Sparta Rotterdam in the program.

Preparation of FC Groningen: Padt; Zeefuik, Te Wierik, Itakura, Van Hintum; Both, El Messaoudi, Matusiwa; Hrustic, Benschop, El Hankouri
Drawing-Sparta Rotterdam: Coremans, Abel’s, friend’s, Mattheij, Faye; Harroui, Auassar, Smith, Rayhi; Ache, DervisogluPEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a 40-minute geleden64′ Switch to ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. Bilal Ould-Chikh enters the field. He replaces John Goossens.FC Emmen-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands-four hours ago,At 14.30 it starts in Emmen, the netherlands, the match between FC Emmen and Fortuna Sittard.

Preparation of FC Emmen: Telgenkamp; Head Gorguli, Heylen, Burnet; Chacón, Bars, Hiariej; Slagveer, with The Lion and Laursen
Preparation of Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands: Koselev; Essers, Angha, Ninaj, Cox; Passlack, Smith, Tekie, Ciss; Sambou, DiemersPEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a one-hour geleden52, ” It’s a little messy in the beginning of the second half, Zwolle, the netherlands. Both teams have no big chances were created.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a one-hour geleden46 The second half started in the MAC3PARK at the stadium. The coaching staff will have no changes to be made in the peace and quiet.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag-four hours ago,to Rest. PEC Zwolle and ADO Den Haag to the rest in the same position of the 1-to-1.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a one-hour geleden44′ Post will get a free kopkans, but the ball is just next to it.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag-four hours ago,Iliass Bel Hassani, making his fourth competitiedoelpunt of the season in ten matches. In the last three seasons, was to Call Association, but to score three goals (59 competitieduel, Premier league and First Division).PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · – one hour ago

💓 Also Iliass Bel Hassani, puts Muhammad, Ihattaren a heart under the belt.

AvatarAuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen12:57 am – October 20, 2019PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag-four hours ago,38′ GOAL, PEC Zwolle! 1-to-1

Iliass Bel Hassani is the headline of PEC Zwolle, next to ADO Den Haag, the netherlands.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a one-hour geleden33 ” Great opportunity for the Crooy the second half to shoot it, but he schmo who’s on his way.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a one-hour geleden31′ Yellow card-Tom Beugelsdijk following a hard infringement on the Vito van Crooy.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago –PEC Zwolle this season, with three hits in the first ten minutes of a Premier league match, more than any other club.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a 2-hour geleden23 ” ADO Den Haag has the upper hand in this match. The visitors ‘ chase at 0-2, but the big opportunities that will lead yet.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago

Nice Michael! 🙌
#pecADO (0-1)

AvatarAuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen12:37 – October 20, 2019PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours agoMichael, Who makes his first Premier league-goal-for ADO, april 24, 2015, when he scored at home against Vitesse (1-0 win).PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · a 2-hour geleden13′ Stegeman will need to have a change to use it. The Sai van Wermeskerken to leave injured in the field. Destan Bajselmani will replace him.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago there isan 8′ GOAL by ADO Den Haag! From 0 to 1

Dion Malone is on the right-hand side, and delivers a great ball off. Michiel Kramer is coming to be a man and tap the ball in.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 2 hours ago theKick-off! The ball is in the city of Zwolle. The home team has lost the last three Premier-league-matches-without a single goal, to make it. Also, ADO Den Haag is having a bad series. The visitors lost the last four games, and have also found it difficult to find the target. In the last three games, no goal is created by ADO.PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours ago –PEC Zwolle and ADO Den Haag to the stairs at 12: 15 o’clock. After a three-verliespartijen does PEC Zwolle-year-old John Stegeman, a number of changes were made in basiself. Among others, Yuta Nakayama after a lot of injuries to start. He substitutes for Sam’s Christmas.

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: Mous; Of the Wermerkerken, Lachman, Nakayama, Pole; Hammer, Saymak, Clement; Van Crooy, Ghoochannejhad, Call the Association.
Setup the ADO Den Haag: Koopmans,; Van Ewijk, Beugelsdijk, debit cards, to the point!; Malone, After all, a Baker’s; Summerville, Kramer’s, Plenty.
PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · 3 hours geledenDe of the players of ADO is to inspect the field.

🏟 The veldinspectie.

AvatarAuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen11:13 – October 20, 2019PEC Zwolle-ADO Den Haag · the 4-hour geledenADO in The Hague today on a visit to THE Theatre. About an hour and a half, the kick-off in the MAC3PARK at the stadium.

⚔️ It’s also home to today!!!

AvatarAuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen10:36 on October 20, 2019Feyenoord-Heracles Almelo · the 6-hour geledenIn 2017 and ended in Liverpool-United in a 3-1 victory. With a hat-trick and ensured Dirk Kuyt there for us and for the Residents to be the champion of the League that year.

🔙 | Feyenoord – Heracles will remain forever linked to the most important day of his career, Dirk @the liverpool area.
⏰ 16.45
📺 On FOX Sports 1
#⃣ #feyher

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