Grol wants, with an eye on a weak knee as a heavyweight to Play 2020

Grol wants, with an eye on a weak knee as a heavyweight to Play 2020

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Henk Grol get the final to the class above the 100 kilograms. The 32-year-old judoka wants as a heavyweight at the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo.

The multiple European champion came in the last ten years in the class up to 100 kilograms, but with a view to physical discomfort, the switch to a heavier category.

“I’m no longer losing weight, I’m a heavyweight”, confirmed Grol Saturday night in the radio show Along the Line. The born Veendammer dropped in the spring of 2016 is already hinting that he was considering heavyweight.

Grol is not afraid that his weak knee, which him participation at the world cup did, even more will be taxed in the heavier weight class. “That knee is just as vulnerable as I waste.”

“If my body fat below ten percent, I get all symptoms, then I am prone to infections. Doctors have me suitably warned, it seemed to them not a good idea.”

“Coach Maarten Arens has always said that I was to be the heavyweight would have to, because that freedom gives. It costs me a lot of energy, I have the whole summer unwise to diets, that is also for my private life very stressful. I am 32 and want to have fun.”

Olympic Games

Grol hopes his career in the class above the 100 kilograms could stretch and even to take part in the Summer games in three years. “As long as my body is still working and the results will come, I continue to move forward.”

The triple European champion explained twice seized olympic medals at their home race. In both 2008 (Beijing) and 2012 (London) he won bronze. He took three times the silver medal at a world CHAMPIONSHIPS.

He wanted this week to understand his comeback at the world cup. In the run-up to the tournament in Budapest, he ran, however, a tear in the inner tube of his right knee.

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