Grol (34): ‘Assurance of a life after judo training gives a lot of rest.”

Even in the twilight of his career, Henk Grol (34), which are based on the concept of the price, but still more common was the view of the Veendammer life after judo. As a newly minted co-owner of a gym, you have Grol with a new project in mind and that is to give him the necessary peace and quiet in the run-up to the Olympic Games in 2020, which is the culmination of an eventful career.

After the disappointment of expired Games from 2016, it was Grol and the back, of his intention to quit, but in such a scenario, it is now completely out of the question. As for the two-time olympic medal winner (bronze in the category of -100 kg), next summer at Tokyo’s may, the dog will be there for the last time on the tatami to appear.

His plans for a life after judo was for a while unclear as to the beginning of the month. Grol and laid the foundation for his future life as a retired athlete and the two partners in a gym, in the province of Noord-Holland Cheshire, to take over. For that reason he is where he is following his career, you can make a deposit and the uncertainty about this path.

“I’m so glad that I’ve found something where I get to put my energy in. That is a whole lot of peace of mind in the run-up to the Games,” said Grol, who will be this week at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Minsk, on the hunt for a fourth European title and his first as a heavyweight.

“It’s nice to have something up its sleeve, as it is uncertain as to what to do after the right, gave some trouble. Now, I focus myself completely on the right, and after my last race of the Games, I’m going to go to the gym to focus on. I just want to be with my career, love to play sports, so the owner of the gym has been a long cherished dream has been fulfilled.”

Henk Grol took the bronze at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2018 in Tel Aviv. (Photo: VI-Images

Grol will see The no as a contender for an olympic ticket

The only thing that Grol is still Playing in Tokyo, is able to keep up with Roy Meyer and the other big name in the dog. The judobond is allowed, per weight class, only one of the olympic ticket distribution, which is one of the two athletes next summer in Japan, will be conspicuous by their absence.

Grol performs well internationally, better than The – with such a short stack was in the end of 2018, three times in a stage of a Grand Slam, and won european CHAMPIONSHIP bronze, and therefore don’t care. He said at the end of last year, frustration about the fact that people won’t even see it as a competitor and, once again, emphasizes that there are, in his eyes, there is a real battle for an olympic ticket.

“The competition would be if someone with a similar level will let you. Roy Meyer,, of course, has the right to say that he wants to Play, but why would they go to Tokyo with them in the past year and a half, no medals, and has been caught at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, world CHAMPIONSHIPS, Grand Slams and the Masters?”, ask Grol out loud.

“FC Utrecht is not a competitor to Ajax? It’s all about the results and the medals won. The fight for the olympic ticket has been submitted, unless he or she has european CHAMPIONSHIP and world cup’s are going to win. It was a lot of fun to get the gold pack at the Grand Prix, but that is not the level at which you demonstrate that you will be able to Play for a medal have to deal with it.”

Roy Meyer hopes to have an olympic ticket. ()

“I’m fit, and that’s going to see you at the CHAMPIONSHIPS

This week at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Minsk, hopes the Grol have been the title of the European Games in 2015, to continue. The former number one in the world picked up on in his career, already a three-time european CHAMPIONSHIP gold medal (2008, 2015, and 2016), and listened to his european CHAMPIONSHIP debut in the heaviest weight class, he made it clear in september 2017, and the transition into the category of more than 100 last year in Tel Aviv with a bronze medal.

Preparing for the European Championships in Minsk, was not to his taste. Grol was finished in February, at the Grand Slams of Paris and Düsseldorf, and two times in the fifth place, even though there may be more in a number of years.

“The results of this year will be a little difficult,” acknowledges Grol, which is a total of seven european CHAMPIONSHIP medals in his career. “There were too many games in too short a period of time, which is why I then made the decision to just not have to practice judo. Now, I’m just fit, and that’s going to see you in the CHAMPIONSHIP.”

“I’m not going to aim at the stick. I just want to do my best and competing to win; the way it doesn’t matter to me. I am 34, and am not going to be able to customize. I’ve done my homework, and just have my own thing to do; then we’ll see what happens that day.”

Grol is like The Monday of the action in Minsk. The preliminary rounds will begin at 9: 30 a.m. (local time in belarus is the one and finaleblok of the heaviest weight class will go at 16: 00 from the start.

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