Grieving father beat Facebook after ‘sick sadist’ serves him about his deceased daughter

Olivia Burt, seen above, died of head injuries after an incident outside a nightclub earlier this year.


A grief-stricken British father lashed out on Facebook after a “sick sadist” admitted that he posted derogatory material about his dead daughter.

Paul Hind, 38, called Oliva Burt, a 20-year-old student at the University of Durham who died from head injuries after an incident outside a local nightclub in February, a “whore” and “whore” on the social network, according to Yahoo News.

A court on Thursday learned that Hind doctored an image of the deceased wife, and posted pictures of “it is clear that terminally ill” children on her Facebook page in April.

Yahoo News reports that Nigel Burt, Hampshire, said that Hind the actions were a “desecration” of his daughter’s memory.

Hind allegedly admitted to the four separate violations of the conveying of the false information was indecent or grossly offensive with regard to the four dead people.


Nigel and Paula Burt, Olivia’s parents, are shown above.


“The person who carried out these trolls can only be described as a sick sadist who knows that they can add to our anxiety, and gets pleasure from,” the father of the girl said.

Although the messages are now broken down, Burt said that his family was concerned, they could again on a different platform.

The grieving father added: “We also want to say that our dealings with Facebook have aggravated our misery.”

Burt claimed the social media giants have the tendency to focus on individual items and not “trolling” about that method as “hopeless.”

Facebook told Fox News that it is a handicap Hind account for the violation of the social network of the Community Standards. “We do not allow bullying or harassment on Facebook and we can give people a wrong image of themselves on the platform,” said a spokesman in a statement by e-mail to Fox News. “We are concerned about abuse, and have made efforts to promote an environment where everyone on Facebook can connect and share in a safe and respectful environment.”

Paul Hind

(PA Wire/PA Images)

According to the Community Standards, Facebook to remove content that “deliberately focuses on individuals with the intention of humiliating or embarrassing.” This contains images that are adapted to be broken down individuals.

Hind also focused on a tribute page to Hannah Witheridge, 23, who was murdered on the Thai island of Koh Tao in 2014.


The other counts in connection with the death of Joe Tilley, 24, and Duncan Sim, 19.

Magistrate Kate Meek sent the case to Newcastle Crown Court for sentencing on Sept. 27 and passed along her “deepest condolences” to the Burt family for the loss of their daughter.

Hind said he was “deeply sorry” for his actions and that he had done in an attempt to get attention.

“All I can say is for the families for the actions that I have committed is, sorry, that is all I can say, sorry,” he added. “I don’t expect them to accept any apology from me, for what I’ve done.”

Fox News’ James Rogers contributed to this article.

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