Greenland leader: Trump’s idea, buy, island, territory ‘, not something about a joke’

nearvideo President Trump tweets picture of the new Trump Tower on the coast of Greenland

Trump keeps alive rumors that the U.S. could acquire Greenland.

Greenland premier rejected the idea of the United States, the purchase of the large Arctic island Tuesday, after President Trump floated the purchase of the semi-Autonomous Danish territory, over the weekend.

Kim Kielsen, said Trump’s idea “is something that goes beyond a joke” during a meeting of Nordic leaders in Iceland.

His remarks come a day after Trump tweeted a photo of a Greenland village overshadowed by a huge gold-colored “Trump” buildings.

A caption that read, accompanied by the tweet: “I promise not to do this in Greenland!”

On Sunday, Trump told reporters that his government was considering the purchase of the sparsely populated island.

“Strategically for the United States, it would be nice. And we are a great ally in Denmark, and we will help Denmark, and we have to protect Denmark,” he said.



Denmark’s Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, called Trump the interest in Greenland “is an absurd discussion,” during a Sunday visit to the island. Ane Lone excavator, Greenland’s foreign Minister, echoed this thought, said: “We are open for business, but we are not for sale”

Trump is scheduled to visit them in Denmark next month as part of a European trip.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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