Greece wants the refugees to the mainland bring

Greece wants the refugees to the mainland bring

Greece wants of the crowded refugee camps on the islands in the eastern Aegean Sea. “We will soon have a large number of migrants to the mainland, to the islands to ease”, said the Greek deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Xydakis Wednesday.

He announced that the refugees in “secure buildings” are to be found.

Xydakis makes the EU countries responsible for the violence in Greek refugee camps. “The fires and the turmoil in some of the camps on the islands are partly the result of a lack of redistribution of refugees among member states and the lack of support from the EU-countries.”

To the migrantenstroom to check the EU only recognised refugees from Turkey. Asylum seekers who are on their own from Turkey risk the crossing to Greece, from april 4 returned.


The returned asylum seekers get a note and come at the bottom of a list for a room. Also, Turkey needs to asylum seekers who are not entitled to asylum, for example, from Pakistan, Morocco or Algeria, it back.

Then, the EU will for every Syrian who returned one record, but a Syrian who is in Turkey has to register. This approach needs the migrants from the dangerous voyage across the Aegean Sea to try and bring an end to the inhuman business model of the people smugglers.

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