Greece refuses to accept an Iranian oil tanker in the assistance prior notice to US

Greece is the Iran-two people are no port facilities they offer, ” says the Greek deputy Foreign minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis on Wednesday in a interview with the television network ANT1. In the ruling, one day after the united states, European country, warned of the potential consequences of the provision of the assistance.

Varvitsiotis says that Greece was “Iran is not going to help you to ship it to Syria, to sail”. Iran has vowed that it did not go to that country.

In case that the tanker is permanently to another country by boat, then, can Greece still has its port services have to offer.

In the U.S., saying that the ship may be linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps, which the Americans regarded as a terrorist organization. In greece, with the help of the crew of the oil tanker, As Darya 1 is to provide support to a terrorist organisation and imposed sanctions, of course).

Iran’s state news agency ILNA was announced that the ship was leased to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC), but made the statement on Wednesday is back, and he said: “It’s going to take a ship to South Korea, has been produced, it was Russia, and is currently leased by an Iranian shipping company”, the Iranian news agency ILNA on Wednesday.

The iranian Revolutionary Guard corps also has a major economic force

Iran’s denial is even considered with skepticism and the commission. The IRGC is not only a powerful military organization in Iran, but it also has a major economic impact. Researchers estimate that up to one-third of Iran’s economy is in the hands of the IRGC or its leaders.

The legertak, which is the only direct reports to the grootayatollah Ali Khamenei, has large interests in the gas and petrochemical industries.

In Iran, the release of the two people, by Gibraltar, has been celebrated as evidence of the IRGC are in a state to be successful in the resistance against the American pressure. Iranian politicians believe that the ship, the chain was taken off, because of the IRGC, two weeks after the seizure of the British oil tanker Stena Impero gijzelden, reports the Financial Times.

The ship was renamed after its departure from Gibraltar

Washington was approached by the Greek government on Tuesday, as the ship that was previously in the name of Grace, for 1 bore it has since been renamed As Darya 1. the Greek port of Kalamáta in which they live. According to the Greeks, there was no request has arrived for the ship to be able to record it.

The oil was at the beginning of July, when Gibraltar is taken, because of the vessel’s crude oil would be transported to Syria.


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