Great interest for the British version musical Hamilton

Great interest for the British version musical Hamilton

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The start of ticket sales for the British version of hitmusical Hamilton has Monday afternoon a rush caused. At one o’clock in the afternoon went to the tickets for the shows in the sales.

This caused a long digital queue at the British site of Ticketmaster. On Twitter and other social media were complaining fans that they have more than one hour of patience had to have, or they shared their joy when they finally get the cards in their possession.

Also expressed fans their rage because the system has regularly crashed because of the huge demand for tickets. The next two weeks only can fans purchase tickets that were entered for the ‘pre-booking’; it goes according to fansites to more than 100,000 people.


The sale for other fans going to pass on 30 January start. The number of cards that people per show can buy is limited to four pieces and there are no digital tickets provided to the illegal resale in check.

In the US, where the show has been two years of play, is a lively black market in tickets arise. People pay online many thousands of euros per place to see the critically acclaimed production can be seen.

London is the first place outside the US where Hamilton is seen. The piece tells at the hand of rap music about the American Founding Fathers and their fight to the states to unite behind the constitution.

Colored actors

Main character Alexander Hamilton was the main designer and bepleiter of the U.s. constitution, gave the economic structure and policies of the united states form and made himself hard for the abolition of slavery. The (white) characters are played by colored actors.

The show was purely lyrical reviews and won cupboards full of prices. One of the biggest fans is president Barack Obama, that the show even allowed to play in the White House.

Joop van den Ende is working on a Dutch version of the piece, though it will still be a few years before Hamilton in the Netherlands will be shown.

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