Great for FC Porto striker Marega walks from the field after the racism

The FC Porto midfielder Moussa Marega has been on Sunday in the competitieduel with Vitória Guimarães, furious from the field, though). The Malian was a big part of the game are racist in any way, by the fans of the home team.

Marega gave in after an hour of play for the 1-2 and the fourth goal is to have the arm point out, ” to indicate that the hit has been taken by a player with dark skin.

The fans are of a four star hotel food and bekogelden Marega, who will take note of a past history with the club, taking a seat on the ground to throw. He took the chair next to his head.

The referee was in the way of cheering Marega don’t appreciate it and gave him a yellow. And that was with the attacker was even more emotional for the fans of Vitoria, an additional reason for a fierce rail-to-go.

For Marega was enough. He walked over to the dismay of some of his team-mates on the field, and it ended up being his coach Sérgio Conceição was replaced by Wilson Manafa.

The goal of the Marega turned out to be enough for the victory for FC Porto. The 28-times national champions by a victory, to the point of leading Benfica in the Liga NOS.

What’s going on with this world? ?
Marega scored for Porto, and the contents of️ get a kuipstoeltje his head and tossed the contents of️ to put the car seat on his head and the contents of️ will receive a yellow copy️ Marega is racist in any way, and wants to be on the field ?
Such images of the region..

AvatarAuteurZS_VoetbalMoment of plaatsen19:08 pm – February 16, 2020

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