“Gravity Rush 2′: Falling, with style

“Gravity Rush 2” screenshot (Sony Interactive Entertainment).

Sony is starting from 2017 with the first PlayStation 4 exclusive of the new year, “Gravity Rush 2.” It is a sequel to the original series, released back in 2012. The main character, Cat, must use the forces of gravity to combat all of the unfortunate events that put her in the road. “Gravity Rush 2” keeps you on the edge of your seat, but make sure that you mentally prepare yourself for some adjustment.

“Gravity Rush 2” offers a beautiful, color-filled world. Cat is the ability to control the force of gravity has a number of great benefits, such as the ability to “fly” or “fall” in any direction and to tilt the world around you slipping off the different locations. Then there is the possibility to create a force field. This allows a Cat to throw objects (or people) with the help of gravity. Cat could do nothing of all this, however, without her beloved cat, Dusty.


The storytelling aspect of the game is very easy to follow – most of the dialogue is like a graphic novel. With bubbles and boxes, the game reads like a comic book, with the help of slides and text to illustrate what the characters say. It is a nice break for your eyes after running continuously in combat.

Fight can be complicated and a mess if your timing is not good for your attacks. Kicking while floating can utterly destroy your enemy, or send you flying a few hundred meters back. A useful strategy is the pressing of the stasis field button to pick up debris around the Cat and throw it at the enemy. This is usually limited by the amount of mess around you, but having such an easily movable character helps balance.


“Gravity Rush 2” is a bit of a learning curve. Even a couple of hours in the game, the gravity is still a hassle to work with, especially if in the massive battles that come in the game. However, one of the charms is never able to constantly have everything under control. Have to adapt to your mistakes does make the game a bit more exciting.

The adjustment of the elements of the game are interesting. “Gravity Rush 2” offers a few different styles of the force of gravity. Everyone has a different effect on how the Cat fights and moves around the world. There are also a few skill trees offer upgrade possibilities; each is linear with only one path of upgrades. Obtaining these upgrades require gems, which can only be obtained through doing missions. Collectables are also available through the on side quests, offering, for example, increased health, or the ability to do more damage in attacks.


Verdict: 7/10

“Gravity Rush 2 is’ unique style of play certainly has its charms. Constantly falling everywhere, while you enjoy the game the art is nice, but “Gravity Rush 2” has a lack of a sense of satisfaction. As opponents go, the bosses are on the easier side – really, your worst enemy is yourself. Even with a limited number of possible upgrades, but this does not detract from the beauty of the game.

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