Grave robbers missed it, this ancient Greek graves

A bird’s-eye view, showing the two newly discovered tombs in the eastern part of the Mycenaean cemetery at Aidonia, next to the graves of the earlier excavations.(Credit: Department of Antiquities of Corinth)

Grave robbers are usually in a particular forest, but in the past 3,400 years, of unsavory hackers have managed to miss two of the old tombs just outside of Corinth, in Greece, according to archaeologists, the analysis of the graves,’ a bronze age skeletal remains and artifacts.

The tombs themselves, filled with hundreds of bones; the two first graves, and the bones of the 14th extra people, of which the remains are likely to be moved out of the tombs, in ancient times, according to the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports. The other tomb, the roof had probably collapsed at the end of the Mycenaean period (1400 B. C. to 1200 b. c.), or the late bronze age, but it still had the three primary funeral inside.

Both chambers also held ancient treasures, such as statues, pots, fake amphorae (jars) and narrow-leaved basins, as well as other small objects such as buttons, the Ministry reported yesterday (Aug. 11).

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The cemetery itself is located at Aidonia, a site on the Greek Peloponnese Peninsula, is also famous for the nearby temple of olympian Zeus, located in Nemea. Archaeologists have known about the Aidonia cemetery, which since the mid-1970s, when 20 counts have been detected. But the tombs have been heavily plundered soon after their discovery. The analysis of the newly discovered unlooted tombs can help to shed some light on the Mycenaean civilization, the ministry said.


That being said, these new graves are clearly different from the previously excavated burials, which dates back to the very beginning of the Mycenaean period (1600 B. c. 1400 bc). These earlier burials it contained old resources, including storage vessels, jewelry, weapons, and other high-level status of the property, the archaeologists said.

Even though a lot of the older tombs have been plundered, and the raiders missed out on a grave from the same period of time. And it’s a good thing they did; the unlooted burial which contained old pieces of jewellery that the national government is linked to a different batch of jewelry to be put on sale at a New York art gallery and, in 1993, the department reported. It is illegal, taken the jewelry was eventually repatriated to Greece.

The Mycenaean civilization flourished from the 17th to the 12th centuries B. c. The tombs are part of the Service of Antiquities of Corinth, a project in which archaeologists from all over the world who are in search of the graves that have been overlooked during previous excavations.

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