Gratin in the oven

The crispy crust of gratins ensures that dishes are not drying out, and ingredients of their flavor up to maintain. Four recipes.

Gratins are dishes in the oven for a crispy crust, usually of breadcrumbs or grated cheese. This will give them a protective layer that ensures that the ingredients do not dry out and their taste up to maintain.

Gratin is a method which usually already cooked dish in the oven for a golden brown crust. Often the dishes in casseroles, which one first bestrooit with grated cheese and/or breadcrumbs, then covered with a few knobs of butter and then about ten minutes in a hot oven place. The great French master Escoffier (1846-1935) distinguished between the full gratins, the quick gratins, the light gratins and the glazing, which is actually a kind of quick gratin.

The first type of gratin requires the most care and takes the longest to make, because the main ingredient is raw, and a total preparation will need to undergo. The yarn of the ingredients should keep pace with the reduction of the sauce and the formation of a crust and that is really not an easy task. For a complete gratin is therefore recommended that the court, in a grid or in a bain-mariepan.

At a quick gratin (one goes on the same way to work, but now it is the main component (e.g. chicory with ham and cheese) before and after cooked, so that it goes as quickly as possible a crust to form. The advantage of a quick gratin is that they prepare fully in advance can prepare the dish ten minutes before serving for a short while in a hot to oven to gratin.

That is also true for the light gratin, which is especially suitable for pasta as macaroni, lasagna, noodles, gnocchi, etc… Until the light gratins charges Escoffier also stuffed vegetables such as stuffed tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines and large mushrooms.

In the high-calorie classic kitchen was the usual to the court, before the litter was applied, first, to cover with cheese sauce (mornay sauce). This method is still applied in some cases, such as grilled cauliflower or grilled endives, or leek with ham.

Also for desserts

The most famous and most popular au gratin dish is the gratin dauphinois , which is made by raw potatoes in thin slices, in a buttered and garlic-rubbed gratineerschotel to explain, season with pepper, nutmeg and salt and pouring a mixture of milk or cream and eggs. Then there is the ground gruyère and everything goes 40 to 50 minutes in the oven.

There are a lot of ingredients that feel good under a gold ovenkorstje, such as mussels or oysters. One can gratintechiek also be used for desserts, such as grilled pears with Pineau de
s Charentes or a gratin of exotic fruit in vanilla sauce or a gratin of raspberries in sabayon.

Gratins were until a few years back always willing in refractory containers, directly on the table. Today, gratins, also called the individual signs placed in the oven. In that case, it is important that the plate or the dish with butter insmeert, otherwise continue to the ingredients paste. When the dish under the grill, place for a golden brown crust, the interior is already warm, except in so’n tasty, sweet cream brûlée , which is above hot and crispy and cold and soft on the inside.

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