Grassley, calling ‘Uranium One,’ probes Biden-linked selling sensitive tech companies to China

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RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel says that she believes that President trump will win New Hampshire in the year 2020.

Say potential conflicts of interest were announced is reminiscent of the controversial “Uranium One” transaction, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley Thursday, he will be the Obama administration’s 2015 explore the decision approving the sale of sensitive U.S. technology companies, the Chinese government and an investment company run by the sons of Joe Biden and John Kerry.

Hunter Biden, the shops in the Ukraine corruption is already a liability for the older Biden front running presidential campaign, and the new investigation could lead to further allegations of. Joe Biden has boasted of pressure on Ukraine in order to fire said its top state attorney in 2016, and the critics, the Vice President then wanted to -, the head, the Prosecutor’s office probe employed in a company, that Hunter Biden as a member of the Board of Directors.

Grassley, letter to Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, the fact that Rosemont Seneca ners, founded by Kerry, and son, Christopher Heinz and Hunter stief pointed out to Biden, among others, to create together with the government-run Bank of China, the Bohai harvest RST (BHR) in the year 2013. The Fund is open to advertised its “unique Sino-US-involvement-structure”, as well as his lucrative “global resources network”.


In the year 2015, BHR and the state-owned military contractor Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), which together bought Henniges, an American automobile company that creates “dual-use” technologies with both military and civilian applications. including anti-vibration technology. AVIC 51 percent purchased from Henniges, whereas BHR took 49 percent.

Hunter, Joe Biden, have Biden to scrutiny in recent weeks for overseas transactions — which could be a liability in 2020. (Photo: Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images for World Food Program USA)

The Obama administration’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), by law, had to approve the sale, because their national security implications. The CFIUS is an interagency panel consisting of, among other agencies, the Energy Department, Defense Department, Treasury Department and State Department — the John Kerry led from 2013 to 2017.

“CFIUS approved the transaction, despite reports that in 2007, years ago, BHR, together with AVIC, a subsidiary of AVIC involved was allegedly involved in the theft of sensitive data in respect of the Joint-Strike-Fighter-program. AVIC later, allegedly, the stolen data is integrated in China’s J-20 and J‑31 aircraft,” Grassley wrote Mnuchin.

Grassley said: “The direct participation of Mr Hunter Biden and Mr Heinz in the acquisition of Henniges by the Chinese government creates a potential conflict of interest. Both of them are directly with high-ranking Obama administration officials. The Department of State, under Mr. Kerry’s leadership, is also a CFIUS member, and played a direct role in the decision on the approval of the Henniges transaction.”

“The appearance of possible conflicts in this case is particularly added to the disturbing, in view of Mr. Biden and Mr. Heinz the history of investment in and cooperation with Chinese enterprises, subject sets including at least a substantial national security,” Grassley. “As with the uranium One transaction, there is a concern that potential conflicts of interest may have influenced CFIUS’s approval of the Henniges transaction.”

Grassley has separate documents that allegedly show that the Federal officials failed to investigate possible criminal activities in relation to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and Rosatom, the Russian nuclear group, whose subsidiary bought the Canadian mining company Uranium One in 2013.will be looking for


Grassley requested, from Aug. 29, a “copy of the threat to National security review for Henniges transaction”, as well as a detailed explanation, “every stage of the CFIUS review process for Henniges acquisition.”

“Did CFIUS, or of one of its members, letter from the President and/or the White house staff, on the Henniges transaction?” Grassley wrote. “If Yes, when was the briefing that instructed the briefing, and who was? The Henniges transaction was subject to national security arrangement? If Yes, please provide documentation of the arrangement. If it is not the subject of such an agreement, why not?”

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The probe comes as the 2020 presidential campaign is increasingly focused on international relations and possible damage. President Trump has openly proposed that the Ministry of justice can., the probe, the Biden business relationships abroad And in the midst of the escalating trade Biden has attacked the war with China, Trump as a no idea on the question.

In may, Joe Biden, not belittled, once again, the threat said China, the Chinese economy or its influence to overtake the United States and reiterated its previous position that China is a competitor.

“What do we do? We go around with our head down, ‘Woe is me,'” leading to 2020, a Democrat, said to a crowd of supporters. “No other nation, even China can catch us. I have criticised, to say. I spent so much time with [Chinese President] Xi Jinping, as all the leaders of the world.”

Separately, Biden said: “in China eating our lunch? Come on, man!” Biden called. “The fact that they I mean this large separation between the Chinese sea and the mountains in the East to the West. You can’t figure out how you deal with the corruption that is present in the system. They are not bad, people, people. But you know what, you are no competition for us.”


The response to these comments, Trump told Fox News in may that Biden was among many politicians are “naive” about China.

“If anyone be so naive and not say, China is said to be a problem — if Biden actually said, this is a very stupid statement,” Trump.

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