Grapperhaus has informed, 5G, advice, intelligence services, not with the Second Room.

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus, of Justice and of Safety and security, has an opinion of the intelligence and security services AIVD and the MIVD, the 5G network will not have to go to the Second Room to be sent. That had to be done, writes the Volkskrant on Monday.

In the opinion of the AIVD and the MIVD stated that it is “bad” is that the Chinese manufacturers of the hardware and software for the Dutch telecom network. The services will strongly recommend to use the devices and the networks to pick up and hold.

It is not known why the letter written by the AIVD does not move to the Second Chamber, it is sent to. The opinion last week in a letter from the prime minister Grapperhaus in the Second Room, also referred to as.

In the letter, described by Grapperhaus, the risks involved, and the importance of the introduction of the 5G network in the Netherlands. The government fends off the Chinese parties, such as the sources of information and helpful. The government chose, instead, for example, there are more security measures to telecommunications.

T-Mobile, KPN, at this time, the use of equipment from Huawei, in the heart of the system. If it needs to be changed, that will cost you a lot of money, writes Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.

Elected member Kees Verhoeven (D66), writes in a comment on Twitter that “an important building block for an important decision, it is held back by the Dutch ministry of Security and Justice”. Turkey calls it “unacceptable” and said that the report on Monday to the parliament.

ITS opinion about the 5G turns out to not be for the Second Chamber to be controlled. is an important building block for an important decision, it is, therefore, held by the ministry of Security and Justice. Is not acceptable. Report to the european parliament.

AvatarAuteurKeesVeeMoment of plaatsen14:43 – July 8, 2019

In several countries, Chinese companies such as Huawei, will be under scrutiny, as it is for the government to spy on. Huawei has, itself, always be denied, also, that it had no concrete evidence to be made available.

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