Grandma claims that she is often confused with son and girlfriend

Lisa Fox, 42, with her son James and grandson of Archie.
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An old grandma who is often mistaken for her son’s girlfriend has revealed she loves the tricky mix-up, because it helps to keep her young.

Lisa Fox became a grandma last year at age 42, her oldest son, James’ child, Archie, and she is absolutely loving it.

“When I found out I was a grandmother, I felt a lot of people around me thought that I would see it in a negative way, a misunderstanding that I would feel that I began to be old,” she said.

“But it was the opposite, having a baby in the family is just such a joy, it does not in any way, I felt as though I was getting older and older.”

Lisa had her son James when she was just 18, followed by daughter Hollie, 25, and her youngest, Jack, on 30.

But the mother-of-three is hard to say, aside from her 18-year-old daughter and says that she is often mistaken by strangers as her oldest son and partner.

Lisa and Graeme Fox on their wedding day with her children, James, Hollie and Jack.
(Good News Agency)

“I often get confused with James’ girlfriend, and I even got a phone call from a friend who believed that they had seen him walking along the road with another woman if it were me,” she said.

The former agent added that a young mother earned her street cred with her children, to be labeled with a “cool mum” by their friends.

“I was always considered the cool mom and there is a long-running joke with James’ friends that I have a bit of a MILF,” she laughed.

Lisa from Newcastle Upon Tyne, said the fact that her family was “very close” in age meant they had a lot of the same interests as the children, including music, movies and fashion.

And now that she is a grandmother, she can run around after her grandson much easier with husband Graeme, 43, than older grandparents.

“When I look back at my own grandparents, they would not have been able to look after young children while I am young enough to run after them,” she said.

“So many people start with the younger now and it’s nice to see some more glamorous grandma’s around.”

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