Grammy’s by 2020: The most bizarre and the most memorable moments in the history of the 62nd annual awards

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The 2020 grammys came and went Sunday night, bringing with it a slew of strange and awkward moments during the long broadcast.

As well as stars such as the Actress Eilish has made a name for themselves by featuring multi-Grammy Awards, other celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Nick Jonas, and Demi Lovato was a memorable one, and, in some cases, embarrassing to say the least, the moments of the 62nd annual show.

For those of you who missed the broadcast, or just need to give a summary of the oddest, most eye-catching parts of the night, here’s a summary of the 2020 grammys ‘ most memorable moments:

A skeleton in the crowd

It wasn’t long before the shots of the crowd at the 2020 grammys turned out to be a man of intense, face-painting, and in the second row of the table. The person who chose to wear a skeleton with make-up on the show, it was no less a person than Prince Nasir Dean, a 19-year-old, the son of Swizz Beatz. The teenager’s mother, Nicole Levy, but the father is married to grammy award-host, Alicia Keys, and even pointed out the face paint and for a brief moment in time during the show.

According to Men, Boys and even at the height of the make-up, while the globe’s prep ahead of the show.

Something in Nick Jonas’ teeth

When Nick Jonas performed “What a Man has to Do it,” and, together with his brothers, the viewers were quick to note that the 27-year-old musician seemed to be something stuck in his teeth.

The star, who attended the show with his wife, Priyanka Chopra, 37, took notice of the online chatter, and attracted to, the shame is on Twitter, but as soon as he was done writing, “And at least some of you know, I eat my greens.”

Jonas and his brothers Kevin and Joe of the Jonas Brothers: the concert “Five more Minutes” and “the Need to Do so.”

Gwen Stefani avoids engagement questions

The No doubt singer has been dating country music star, Blake Shelton, for a number of years, and the duo are constantly being asked if they are planning to take the next step in the direction of the marriage. In the 2020’s grammy’s red carpet was no exception to the rule.

After Stefani gave a sweet response about how the relationship with Shelton, her life was saved, he was asked how he might be able to put a ring on her finger. In an attempt to get her boyfriend off the hook, Stefani joked that her ring-adorned finger, and had no place for an engagement ring.

“I know, it’s, it’s, like, Mr. T, look at that,” Shelton joked.

The two went on to perform their hit duet “Nobody But You” at the top of the transmission, and to prevent any further questions on the proposal.

Demi Lovato had to create a song

Demi Lovato performed at the grammys for the first time since her near-fatal drug overdose in July of 2018.

The singer, 27, debuted her new song “Anybody” at the 2020 annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night, and looked stunning in a white wedding dress.

After an introductory lecture by the “Little Women” director, Greta Gerwing, Lovato was overcome by emotion when she sang, she was silent for a moment, collecting himself, before the song is finished.

The lyrics got to her state of mind in July of last year, before her heroin overdose. She wrote the song just prior to the incident.

“I’ve been trying to catch up with my piano, and I tried to talk to my guitar-Talked-to my mind / be Merry in the spirit / and I tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried some more, Told secrets ’til my voice was heavy / Tired of the empty conversation, / Cause no one will hear me no more,” Lovato began.

“A hundred million stories and a hundred million songs I feel stupid if I do / Nobody’s listening / Nobody’s listening / I was talking to the shooting stars But they always get it wrong, I always feel stupid when I pray, So why should I pray anyway? If no one is listening,” she continued.

“Everyone, please send me everyone’s / Lord, there is somebody else? I always have to have someone / Anyone, please send me everyone’s / Lord, there is somebody else? I have to know.”

Sharon Osbourne is struggling to read the rapper’s names

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne took the stage to unveil the nominations for best rap/sung performance, and immediately noticed that she was a strange choice to announce a category and that is as far away from the 71-year-old rocker and his 67-year-old woman in the genre.

However, “The talk” co-host was not under the impression that if they have brazenly forged ahead trying her best to announce the names such as DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, & Gunna and Young Thug.

Perhaps the most awkward moment was when the star broke off to say, “oh, yes, yes, yes, yes” while shaking of her hands as she started to get the hang of things.

The couple took to the stage in just a few days after Osbourne revealed to the world that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Ariana Grande swearing

The person in charge of the work, with the beep of a button their work is to be done on the red carpet, as Ariana Grande took to the microphone.

While giving an interview on the red carpet, and a large part of the ‘7 Rings’, the singer’s answer was bleeped out due to a number of off-color language. In fact, the star realized her flub and covered her mouth to apologize.

As the Cosmological notes, and the 26-year-old, it was actually bleeped not once, but twice, during her first interview. Unfortunately, it is not clear precisely what the lead singer said that it was her words to be cut from the show.

Fox News is the’ Wet Day, and Jessica in Rome contributed to this report.

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