Gowdy slams Strzok: “I don’t give a damn what you value’

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Gowdy, Strzok: “I don’t give a damn what you value’

Rep. Trey Gowdy presses FBI agent Peter Strzok anti-Trump texts at a joint hearing of the house oversight and judiciary committees.

Republicans-Rep. Trey Gowdy goals in FBI-officials Peter Strzok at the Thursday hearing before the House oversight and judiciary Committee, accusing him of “textbook bias,” with his anti-Trump texts.

A long and fiery exchange between the two ended with a sharp response from the former attorney.

According to Strzok said, he started from the Russia-probe via an “appearance” issue, and not because of “bias”, he said, he did not know to appreciate, Gowdy say something else.

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“I don’t know give a damn what you appreciate, Agent Strzok,” Gowdy shot. “I did not appreciate, an FBI agent, with an unprecedented level of animus works on two large studies in the year 2016.”

Gowdy argued earlier that, in his mind, Strzok, the former US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton “winning the White House had”, before he accused you finished your investigation, but President Trump “had” before he began work on the probe to his campaign, the relations to Russia. Gowdy was referring to derogatory comments Strzok in text messages during the work on the investigations.

“Agent Strzok had to win Hillary Clinton the White house, before he said the investigation should be terminated,” Gowdy. “Agent Strzok had accused Donald Trump, even before he examined started him. The is bias. Agent Strzok can’t see it, but the rest of the country, and it is not what we want, expect, or deserve, any law enforcement officer, much less the FBI.”

Gowdy then Strzok insulted about the content of his text messages, his alleged bias against Trump and why he was taken. from the Special Counsel, to Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russian interference in the election of 2016

Strzok was publicly testify on Capitol Hill for the first time since the publication of the Department of justice inspector General report sharply criticized his comments. Strzok has claimed that he is never allowed to ruin personal opinions of his work.

Strzok says the infamous text message that say, “we hear,” the election of Donald Trump was written in response to a series of events, including Trump the “disgusting” insult to the family of a fallen American soldier. Strzok appeared to refer to derogatory remarks Trump has about the family of US Army captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Following Gowdy’s questioning, Strzok countered to say that he “brought great controversy” to the allegations against him, presented by the South Carolina legislature and Strzok text messages, his personal feelings and not on his work at the FBI.

“At no time, in none of these texts, such as personal beliefs ever enter the realm of the every action I took,” said Strzok. “And the suggestion that I threw in some dark chamber, in the FBI, that would kind of set aside all of these procedures, all of these security measures, and somehow be able to do this is amazing to me.”

Strzok added: “The sentence that what is going on or that it could happen in the FBI deeply corroded, what is the FBI in American society, the effectiveness of their mission and it is deeply destructive.”

During Gowdy’s falling in question, the hearing quickly into chaos, as the Republicans, he called for answers to the questions on the Russia-investigation and Democrats are trying to process the offside and with their own requirements.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers openly shouted at each other, as House Judiciary Committee Chairman Robert Goodlatte Strzok said needs to answer GOP questions and suggested that they could recess the hearing, and hold him in contempt.

Strzok said he could not complete the answer to a question about the early stages of the FBI investigation in the Russian intervention, because the probe is still and FBI-the Council had not instructed him to. Democrats objected to Goodlatte, his repeated attempts to answer Strzok.

At one point, Goodlatte Strzok said he could only consult with his lawyer, not a FBI lawyer

Goodlatte finally, the hearing want to go, without calling the panel into the cutout.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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